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The Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan - Open Source Funding « blog maverick
Success & Motivation « blog maverick

Success and Motivation
"Should Print Out and Bound"
Success & Motivation – 2009 « blog maverick
Keeping up momentum in a tough market and tough times
I connected deeply with this blog post by Mark Cuban, very inspiring personally. Favorite line: "The cheaper you can live, the greater your options. Remember that."
When you succeed with Free, you are going to die by Free « blog maverick
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How Twitter and Facebook Now Compete with Google « blog maverick
** Posted using Viigo: Mobile RSS, Sports, Current Events and more ** Last year I wrote a blog post entitled "If the news is important it will find me". The point was that we all live in so many socia
Things change. We are seeing a change in our referral logs right now. That could translate into systemic change in user behavior and business opportunity
our referral behavior is changing. hearing people from twitter, and researching there, rather than google.
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