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Top 45 Unusual Stylish Super Mario Brothers Artworks | The Design Inspiration

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Mario AI Competition 2009
Hell yeah
Offworld Gallery: The games factory, how Mario, Tetris, Sonic, Pong were made | Offworld
I've already highlighted some of the excellent photography in the latest issue of France's games/fashion mag Amusement, but this one's even more special: a series of photographs from the magazine's Made of Myth feature, in which photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes ("aisakie") shows us the factory work behind the most iconic games of the past few decades: the smelting of Sonic's rings, the chiseling of the 1-Up mushroom, and the rubber-pressed rebounding blocks of Arkanoid.
Thank You Mario! - Super Mario Brothers Animated Text Generator
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Robins Pages! :: projects:marioai
Research webpage of Robin Baumgarten, a PhD student at Imperial College London researching Artificial Intelligence and Emotions in Video Games. Past projects include a new AI Bot for DEFCON from Introversion.projects:marioai
super, mario AI - with source code
Badass Super Mario desktop wallpapers - Original
The most badass Super Mario desktop wallpapers
Tuper Tario Tros.
Super Mario Brothers crossed with Tetris.
I like the idea of videogame mashups... a lot. - Quirky little games for your edification
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Super Mario Crossover
Awesome flash reboot: play Contra, Zelda, etc. characters in SMB
Play the original Super Mario Bros with characters from classic Nintendo games.
Play Super Mario Bros. as Mario, Link, Samus, Simon Belmont, Mega Man, or one of the Contra guys. Too bad it's in Flash.
Playing Super Mario Bros. Crossover requires Flash Player 10. Click here to get it. Get Adobe Flash player
Super Mario Bros. on Vimeo
Andreas Heikaus
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