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Using Photoshop and Your Brain to Produce Diorama Illusions - Psdtuts+
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Using Photoshop and Your Brain to Produce Diorama Illusions
45 Brilliant Examples of Photo Manipulation Art
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Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials
Photo Manipulations can be a lot of fun and can produce powerful effects when well executed. There are a lot of tutorials out there that teach various photo
Coding Horror: 9 Ways Marketing Weasels Will Try to Manipulate You
A great review of Predictably Irrational - the hidden forces that shape our decisions by Dan Ariely. Why we act the way we do when we buy and how we are constantly manipulated by companies and advertisers. The question we have is will this change because of social media?
"7. Capitalize on our Aversion to Loss" - : - A good reason for subscriptions to have multiple levels
# f what you've spent so far on a service, product, or relationship -- in effort or money -- is probably far less than you think. Be willing to walk away. # Once you've bought something, never rely on your internal judgment to assess its value, because you're too close to it now. A
It's a fascinating examination of why human beings are wired and conditioned to react irrationally. We human beings are a selfish bunch, so it's all the more surprising to see how easily we can be manipulated to behave in ways that run counter to our own self-interest. This isn't just a "gee-whiz" observation; understanding how and why we behave irrationally is important. If you don't understand how these irrational behaviors are triggered, the marketing weasels will use them against you.
Manipulation Basics: Illumination and Coloration | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
When comes to photo manipulation, the basics and most important parts are the illumination and coloration, these are the main things that if you know how to work around it pretty much will assure you of a good result at the end, so open up the photoshop a
35+ Photo Editing Tutorials for Photoshop | Vandelay Design Blog
Photoshop provides photographers and designers with almost unlimited potential to edit photographs to achieve the desired results. In this post we’ll feature 35 excellent tutorials that teach various tricks and techniques. If you like these tutorials you may also be interested in an older collection, 45 Photo Editing Tutorials for Photoshop.
Professional photo retouch, restoration, enhancement services
Body By Victoria - Secure Computing: Sec-C
awesome photo manipulation detection discussion
Discussion of photoshopping of women's bodies
interesting analysis of a badly photoshopped image, showing techniques for detection of photo manipulation
40 Outstanding Photo Manipulation Tutorials - Noupe
Photo manipulation is an art that requires lots of patience along with the expertise in Photoshop and other photo editing tools. With your creativity and imagination,...