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Magic and the Brain: Teller Reveals the Neuroscience of Illusion
Magic and the Brain: Teller Reveals the Neuroscience of Illusion

"Tricks work only because magicians know, at an intuitive level, how we look at the world," says Macknik, lead author of the paper. "Even when we know we're going to be tricked, we still can't see it, which suggests that magicians are fooling the mind at a very deep level." By reverse-engineering these deceptions, Macknik hopes to illuminate the mental loopholes that make us see a woman get sawed in half or a rabbit appear out of thin air even when we know such stuff is impossible. "Magicians were taking advantage of these cognitive illusions long before any scientist identified them," Martinez-Conde says.
GReader: Magic and the Brain: Teller Reveals the Neuroscience of Illusion [from]
Retweeting @copyblogger: Penn & Teller Reveal the Neuroscience of Illusion - [from]
""People take reality for granted," Teller says shortly before stepping onstage. "Reality seems so simple. We just open our eyes and there it is. But that doesn't mean it is simple." For Teller (that's his full legal name), magic is more than entertainment. He wants his tricks to reveal the everyday fraud of perception so that people become aware of the tension between what is and what seems to be. Our brains don't see everything—the world is too big, too full of stimuli."
Seven Lies About Lying (Part 1) - Errol Morris Blog -
Great Errol Morris series about lies and lying [from]
Errol Morris interviews Ricky Jay.
Profiles: Secrets of Magus : The New Yorker
I grew up like Athena—covered with playing cards instead of armor—and, at the age of seven, materialized on a TV show, doing magic.
Ricky Jay profile in the New Yorker recommended by Whet Moser
Terrific profile of magician and historian Ricky Jay, and "the virtues of skeleton men, fasting impostors, and cannonball catchers".
A 1993 profile on sleight-of-hand artist and erudite Ricky Jay.
A profile of Ricky Jay from the New Yorker. April 1993.
Apple - Magic Mouse - The world’s first Multi-Touch mouse.
apple's new 'touch mouse', sounds great, but what about the tactile responses our fingers like to receive: [from]
apple going back to no-wheel mouse: [from]
checking out Apple Magic Mouse and we think it is a pretty cool mouse (even though it sounds like a Disney creature) [from]
I like it! Check out the new "magic mouse" from Apple... [from]
Home page - Science of Scams
Notable site!
Some interesting videos and camera tricks explored.
Series of Six videos on people who abuse science by calling it paranormal because they don't know the difference. Or often used by scammers who pretend to have "powers".

Compulsive must watch video. Recorded for mainstream British TV and now released on the Internet.
YouTube - Penn and Teller Explain Sleight of Hand
Very cool american duo of comedians slash illusionists. They are the bane of the magician's community, not being one bit too shy to explain the mechanics of their tricks to their viewers.
Humor, magic, and education. What more could you ask for? (via
old classic, P&T explain sleight of hand
あなたもマジシャンになれる!手品・マジックの種明かしまとめ | AUTHORITY SITE
手品・マジックの種明かしを解説してある動画を紹介します。【注意】手品のネタバレ要素を多分に含みます! マジックを楽しみたい方は見ないように!