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Top 10 Tricks MacGyver Would Be Proud Of - MacGyver - Lifehacker
Out in the countryside, MacGyver and the son of an esteemed diplomat are tired, exhausted, and hungry after dismantling a tank and escaping a military prison with corrugated cardboard, vanilla extract, and a magnet-tipped screwdriver. They have no matches or fuel to start a fire, but they did ransack a few items from the galley kitchen on the way out. With a 9-volt battery or cellphone sparked against some steel wool, or a pop-top can and chocolate, they're well on their way to getting a little flame built. (Original posts: chocolate and Coke, cellphone battery, steel wool and 9-volt).
When they draw up the Complete History of Lifehacking, Angus MacGyver will certainly merit a chapter. We pay tribute to the creative can-do secret agent this week with 10 tricks that make extraordinary use of truly common objects.