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why's potion at master — GitHub

(Yet another) new programming language, aiming to be clean and explore ideas related to mixins. JIT-based (for x86, x86_64), should integrate well with C. Based on Lua VM.
Potion is an object- and mixin-oriented (traits) language.
Programming language by _why, very cool stuff.
Potion is an object- and mixin-oriented (traits) language.
"a little fast language"
Potion is an object- and mixin-oriented (traits) language. By why?
so that's what why_ has been up to. writing a new language.
LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine
LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine
Scratch for older kids?
< H X A 7 2 4 1 > : MiniLight minimal global illumination renderer
illumination renderer
A global illumination renderer written in several languages for comparison.
Interesting raytracer written in Scala, OCaml, Python, Ruby, Lua, Flex, and C++
Google Open Source Blog: Introducing Android Scripting Environment
These scripts demonstrates several of the available APIs available for both Lua and Python. It is intended to be run as a service and silences the ringer when the phone is placed face down. For some scripting languages, like BeanShell, it's possible to access Android's Java API directly. To simplify things, ASE provides the AndroidFacade class. For other languages, like Python and Lua, the API is made available via JSON RPC calls to a proxy. Naturally this means that only the part of the API which has been wrapped by the AndroidFacade and AndroidProxy are available to cross-compiled interpreters like Python and Lua. Thankfully, both AndroidFacade and AndroidProxy are simple to extend.
Programming Android with scripting languages like Lua or Python.
Android apps for the rest of us? Now script Android apps in Python!
android-scripting - Google Code
python for android
Announcing iPhone Wax: Native UIKit iPhone Apps Written In Lua
I started investigating how I might write native iPhone apps from a scripting language. Lua was on my radar already. It’s compact, expressive, fast enough, and was designed to be embedded. Took only about 20 minutes to get the Lua interpreter running on the iPhone. The real work was to bridge Lua and all the Objective-C/CocoaTouch classes. The bridge had to work in two directions: it would need to be able to create CocoaTouch objects and also be able to respond to callbacks as part of the familiar delegate/protocol model.
Lua + iPhone = wax
Bridging a Lua interpreter framework to native iPhone classes -- scripting your way around Objective C. With this week's notice from Adobe regarding Flash development of native iPhone binaries, the options for mobile development are getting more and more plentiful (and more and more abstract).
note that lua is used widely in game dev
In the remainder of this post, I’ll walk you through getting it set up, show you how to creating a project featuring a UITableView, and close with a section on its roadmap and tools support.
Extending Tokyo Cabinet DB with Lua -
Tokyo Cabinet is a trove of hidden of gems, the more you learn about it, the more you will appreciate the design and technical decisions behind it. By database standards it is a young project (started in 2007), but since it is a successor to the QDBM project developed by Hirabayashi-san (2000-2007), we could make the argument that it has been, in fact, nine years in the making.