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know your LA hoods
Mapping LAs neighborhoods
Find LA Food Trucks - Track all LA gourmet food truck twitters from one website
revisar esta pagina de los mejores camiones con comida en L.A.
restaurantes móviles.
A great photo journal of an empty Los Angeles.
Images of LA city streets and well known locations...eerily devoid of the people who would normally inhabit it. Logue delivers a literal interpretation of his title: a Los Angeles devoid of inhabitants—no freeway traffic jams, cars, crowded sidewalks or, really, any people at all. Instead, the city has been stripped bare to its concrete bones, creating haunting and eerily empty canyons, playgrounds and beaches. The photos were made over a period of four years, and perhaps it won’t come as a surprise that Logue works for L.A.’s biggest industry: the movies.
laboratory tests of vegan restaurants in la | vegan food and living in Los Angeles
Citizen journalism digs deep into whether LA vegan restaurants actually are vegan
eat from a manufacturer in Taiwan. It’s produced for the Taiwanese and Chinese vegetarian market then re-labeled for export, often to the USA. I do know of times when things have been labelled incorrectly, but I do my best to make sure that what they send me is what they say it is.”
Operation Pancake tests food from vegan restaurants around LA - and discovers some disturbing stuff about processed food from Taiwan in the followup.
Operation Pancake: Undercover investigation of LA vegan restaurants
Linda Vista Hospital
Linda Vista Hospital
abandoned hospital in Boyle Heights
Abandoned building. Vivid setting for a modern adventure game.
Terrorífco! y de noche y poca gente tiene que ser de infarto!! Alé ahí van las fotos de un hospital abandonado. Gracias AG (Arturo Goga).
reference photos for decrepit building