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Lolcats, "I Can Has Cheezburger?" | Salon Life

The lolcats, the Internet's most famous felines, may be hilarious. But in their yearning, I see nothing less than the tragedy of the human condition.
Russian lolcats
English Translations of Eastern Bloc Lolcats
Funny "translated" lolcats.
English translation of eastern bloc lolcats.
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Oh, *chan...
A humorous response to a post of a a picture of a cat by a user named "Metallica" who quoted "Sandman" Image - af20907621cbf76cee7547eco9.jpg (JPEG Image, 718x7360 pixels)
Oldest Ever Lolcat Found *gasp* (Iz From Teh 1905) « Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
oldest lolcat
funny lolcat
This captioned cat picture postcard was found by Tracy Angulo in a Seattle antique store. Tracy tells us that the photograph is from 1905, which would make this officially the oldest cat picture with a caption, AKA lolcat, that we’ve seen.