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Finding a Loop in a Singly Linked List

Pode ser útil para a situação de detectar redirects ciclicos de páginas web!
many method of finding loop in singled list with code
Semantics Incorporated: Tying Web 3.0, the Semantic Web and Linked Data Together --- Part 1/3: Web 3.0 Will Not Solve Information Overload
PART 1: Web 3/0: I've been following a fascinating 3-part series of posts this week by Greg Boutin, founder of Growthroute Ventures. The series aimed to tie together 3 big trends, all based around structured data: 1) the still nascent "Web 3.0" concept, 2) the relatively new kid on the structured Web block, Linked Data, and 3) the long-running saga that is the Semantic Web.