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linabean: Poetry! (All around us!)

I'm trying to find a fic and it's annoying me to no end that I cannot find it. I thought it was on Wraithbait but I couldn't find it.
And thus was born the mad idea to randomly select sgastoryfinders posts, cull lines from them, and see what kind of poem I can find thereby.
poetry from the sga ficfinder comm.
The sgastoryfinders poems.
I need help finding a story... What little I remember is, I'm looking for a story I am looking for a fic
Storyfinders poetry
sga storyfinders found poetry
I think John was actually busy being a mathemetician and not a soldier.
Hilarious poetry constructed from 'I'm looking for a fic ...' requests on the lj community, sga storyfinders. -- "I am, of course, searching for a fic. I remember trapped under some rubble trapped under a lot of debris Sheppard and McKay are captured Rodney and John are hurt"
"I need help finding a story... What little I remember is," Poetry constructed from ficfinder comm posts.
<3 <3 Found poetry from sgastoryfinders. I don't even read SGA fic but this felt so true and awesome anyway.
The important thing is: they have sex. *** OMG. OMG. OMG. This shouldn't be read in public places. It demonstrates clearly the utter ridiculousness of my favourite fandom and of people in general. OMG. Delicious supplied "recycle" for recommended tags. Who am I to go against the tide?