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Library Related Conferences compiled by Marian Dworaczek University of Saskatchewan Library Last updated: March 24, 2009 Created: October 17, 2006 HOME PAGE See also Past Conferences Changes and additions are greatly appreciated.: Date Place Conference Name » The Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians
"The purpose of the Library is to preserve the integrity of civilization. The Library has a moral obligation to adhere to its purpose despite social, economic, environmental, or political influences. The purpose of the Library will never change. The Library is infinite in its capacity to contain, connect and disseminate knowledge; librarians are human and ephemeral, therefore we must work together to ensure the Library’s permanence. Individual libraries serve the mission of their parent institution or governing body, but the purpose of the Library overrides that mission when the two come into conflict. Why we do things will not change, but how we do them will. A clear understanding of the Library’s purpose, its role, and the role of librarians is essential to the preservation of the Library."
The Top Fifty Librarian Blogs
The top places to see what librarians are doing. I chose this I saw Sarah Houghton at TLA and really liked what she had to say.
The Top Fifty Librarian Blogs
great resource for those looking to build out their rss collection
40 bloggers and 10 twitterers
Being a librarian these days is about a lot more than getting lost among stacks of books. It’s a career of technology and of the transmittance of knowledge, and as such many librarians have taken to the web, sharing their thoughts and musings all across the blogosphere. Here, we bring you what we think are some of the best library-related blogs that the internet has to offer.
Top 100 Librarian Tweeters | Best Colleges Online
Top 100 Librarian Tweeters | Best Colleges Online
100 Best Blogs for School Librarians | Online College Tips - Online Colleges
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100 Best Blogs for Librarians of the Future - Learn-gasm
LOTS of tools are collected into one list . . .
50 Excellent Open Courses for Techie Librarians | Best Colleges Online
Best Colleges Online
"Techie librarians have lots of great resources available to them online, and open courses are some of the best tools for your professional development."
100 Best Blogs for Library Science Students – Online Degree Top Online Degrees
If you're studying library science online, you're in luck. There is a world of information available to you online, much of it in blogs. Follow this list, and
100 Best Twitter Feeds for Librarians of the Future - Online Courses
review for Tarlton 2.0 committee
Library twitter feeds - divided by librarian, library jobs, etc. Also links to online education resources, etc.
If you’re studying to become a librarian, Twitter is a great place to find information. Whether you’re learning from other library professionals, staying on top of news, or checking out resources, you can find what you need on Twitter. Read on, and you’ll find 100 of the best Twitter feeds for future librarians.
The future of libraries, with or without books -
exciting times!
Authors, publishing houses, librarians and Web sites continue to fight Google's efforts to digitize the world's books and create the world's largest library online. Meanwhile, many real-world libraries are moving forward with the assumption that physical books will play a much-diminished or potentially nonexistent role in their efforts to educate the public. Some books will still be around, they say, although many of those will be digital. But the goal of the library remains the same: To be a free place where people can access and share information.
I think this article poses a good question: what will libraries, the long held havens of literacy, look like in the coming age? This has a profound impact on new literacies in that libraries now have to adapt more quickly to up and coming technologies. So, very soon all a person will ever have to do is log onto their computer and they might very well have access to every book ever written.
The future of libraries, with or without books
By some accounts, the library system is undergoing a complete transformation that goes far beyond image changes.
Library 101
Internet librarian conference?
Community for læring og vidensdeling mellem biblioteksfolk. Består bla. af video og 2 sider: 101 Resources & Things to Know (RTK)og Essays on Library 101.
100 Terrific Tips & Tools for Blogging Librarians | Online College Tips - Online Colleges
Site provides useful tips for librarians wanting to start library blogs. The tips are split into subtopics such as basics, readership and traffic, content, branding, networking, design, platforms, and organization. Each tip links to an article or website with further information on the tip.
This is a helpful list of ideas tips and tool for the librarian who is a beginning blogger.
While it's not aimed specifically at SLMS, it brings up a number of points that should taken into account when creating a blog for your SLMC.
As you prepare for a career as a librarian, you’re probably experimenting with all of the different ways you can reach out to your patrons and offer them cutting edge research assistance. Blogging is a valuable tool for cataloging library news, sharing research tips and book lists, and marketing your own library while highlighting special exhibits, new technology and special guests. If you want to start your own library blog, check out this list of 100 tips and tools.
Six Things Libraries Should Tweet | Information Tyrannosaur
” But people often wonder, what sort of things should our library tweet about? Here’s a list: * Library events – Let people know what’s going on. Having a movie night in the library? Let people know. Having a chili cookoff? Get the word out! * Links to articles, videos, etc. – If you come across web content that would be relevant or helpful to your patrons, tweet it. You can even tweet things marginally related if you think your patrons would respond favorably. Twitter is great for sending links. And don’t forget to use a link shortener like or tinyurl.
Ideas for how NCL can use twitter. What we need to do is find a good way to attract follwers.
Examples of things you should be posting to a library Twitter account.
Library events, links to articles, videos etc, solicit feedback, new additions to your collection, marketing, answer questions
Flavorwire » Mixtape: 10 Best Songs About Libraries and Librarians
build a playlist
Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill
Mixtape: 10 Best Songs About Libraries and Librarians
Working the Social: Twitter and FriendFeed - 6/15/2009 - Library Journal
Information overload is so five years ago, but the problem it describes is all too real. Fortunately, there's hope yet for the savvy librarian: Twitter and FriendFeed turn information dissemination on its head, using friends and subscribers as a filter for the best, most credible, and most engaging information out there. As Clay Shirky said at the Web 2.0 Expo keynote in January, the problem isn't “information overload. It's filter failure.” Like other social media sites, Twitter and FriendFeed are excellent personal and professional social outlets, connecting users to friends and colleagues regardless of boring problems like geography. But they also connect users to the content those friends and colleagues share, clueing them into their network's likes and dislikes and jacking them in to the editorial decisions those in their network make about the stories and content that matter to them most. The best part? Everything about these services is eminently customizable...
This was helpful pulling my web 2.0 stuff together, but I think I have a more complete solution soon! #test
see the 20 ways for librarians to use twitter (at the bottom)
Main Page - Copyright for Librarians
Note: March 24, 2010 - Cambridge, Mass., and Rome, Italy - The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University today announced the launch of a new online, open access curriculum, “Copyright for Librarians” ( <> ), developed in conjunction with “Copyright for Librarians” aims to inform librarians about copyright law in general, as well as the aspects of copyright law that most affect libraries, especially those in developing and transition countries.
Copyright for Librarians online course
Modules for self-directed study of copyright for librarians.
Copyright for Librarians is a joint project of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Electronic Information for Libraries (eIFL), a consortium of libraries from 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. The goal of the project is to provide librarians in developing and transitional countries information concerning copyright law.
Module based course for librarians and other educators created by Harverd and eIFL
More specifically, it aspires to inform librarians concerning: * copyright law in general * the aspects of copyright law that most affect libraries * how librarians in the future could most effectively participate in the processes by which copyright law is interpreted and shaped.
The Future of Reading - In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update - Series -
Titled "The Future of Reading" this article is not pertinent to our future, but to our now. Many of the ideas that this librarian incorporates into her multimedia lessons are only a start in terms of what we owe our students.
The changing role of the school librarian as educator in how to access, process and analyse information.
The Future of Reading In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update By MOTOKO RICH Published: February 16, 2009 School librarians are increasingly teaching digital skills, but they often become the first casualties of budget crunches.
NY Times article on School Librarians featuring NYC SLMS Stephanie Rosalia.
Stephanie Rice on "the future ofreading: in web age, library job gets update" Stephanie Rosaila
This is the third in a series of articles looking at how the Internet and other technologies are changing the way people read. Previous articles examined the debate over the value of reading on the Internet versus reading in print and how educators are using video games as bait to lure children to read.
In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update
The Future of Reading - In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update - Series -
School librarians still fight the impression that they play a tangential role. Ms. Rosalia frequently has her lessons canceled at the last minute as classroom teachers scramble to fit in more standardized test preparation. Half a fifth-grade class left in the middle of a recent session on Web site evaluation because the children were performing in a talent show.
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The Digital Librarian This is the third in a series of articles looking at how the Internet and other technologies are changing the way people read.
In web age, library job gets update - article/video on librarian, Stephanie Roasalia
Good article for students in LIS 406
Future of librarianship
An article examining the changing role of the librarian in supporting digital literacy
Top 10 iPhone Apps for Librarians
I started writing this post on my iPhone, using the WordPress app; all the pictures were taken and uploaded from my iPhone. Since I've been using the iPhone (had a 1st generation and now 3G), I have been thrilled with the development of applications
From Kenley Neufeld, Library Director, Santa Barbara City College
FAQ For Librarians - Outreach Wiki
FAQ about Wikipedia for librarians. Very useful for answering frequent criticism. (via @Lankskafferiet ) – Alastair Creelman (alacre)
Info for librarians about Wikipedia -- it's background, its policies, etc. Questions include stuff like: Who owns Wikipedia, How common is vandalism, Is there material on Wikipedia that's unsuitable to children, Does Wikipedia want help from academics, etc...
Why The Next Big Pop-Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might Be Libraries : NPR
This is just delightful.
I don't know whether it's going to come in the form of a more successful movie franchise about librarians than that TV thing Noah Wyle does, or a basic-cable drama about a crime-fighting librarian (kinda like the one in the comic Rex Libris), or that reality show I was speculating about, but mark my words, once you've got Old Spicy on your side and you can sell a couple of YouTube parodies in a couple of months, you're standing on the edge of your pop-culture moment. Librarians: prepare.
A quick reminder from NPR.
RT @SterlingBooks: From @NPR Why The Next Big Pop-Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might Be Libraries