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Freezing cold, no internet, boring: it's a French web 2.0 conference! | Technology |

Want to know how Britain should spend that billion pounds it has earmarked for internet startups? On a vodka-fuelled conference in a sauna in London. It would sure put LeWeb into the shade. Though almost anything would.
The Guardain rips into Loic Le Meur's recent tech conference.
So, LeWeb kindof sucked then, huh?
"Everyone has something interesting to say," Coelho said at one point, clearly showing that he's never had a conversation with one of his fans.
"And even more satisfying than all of that is the fact that the idea of a huge state-sponsored piss-up is such an anathema to Americans that there's no way they can outdo us. Instead Kara, Michael and all those other smug Valley dwellers will be forced to look on enviously as Europe drinks, sweats, networks and bonds its way to a new dot com boom."
Καυστικός Guardian για το LeWeb...