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Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering

Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering
comics typografi
Grammar of word balloons.
Comic book lettering has some grammatical and aesthetic traditions that are quite unique. What follows is a list that every letterer eventually commits to his/her own mental reference file
Complex and Sophisticated Lettering Designs Photoshop Tutorials
photoshop tutorial designs and letter
amazing blog post of handlettering images
Daily Drop Cap
The Daily Drop Cap is an ongoing project by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische. Each day (or at least each WORK day), a new hand-crafted decorative initial cap will be posted for your enjoyment and for the beautification of blog posts everywhere. To use a Daily Drop Cap on your site or blog, follow the instructions in each post and read about the usage limitations. Enjoy!
jessica hische's daily drop caps
An illustrative initial every day.
jessica hisch - free initial caps for blog entries
Jessica Hische
louise-fili-like typography swiss-miss' studio mate
ongelofelijk. goed.
Ornate style designer who sets lovely typography.
Beautiful hand drawn typography work.
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photo de type faite à la main
old shop signs
CUSTOM LETTERS 2009 — LetterCult
Illustrated Typography
most excellent collection of custom lettering
Várias refs tipográficas legais!
Fontes legais. Não são pra baixar, mas são boas pra se ter como referência.
Beautiful custom letter forms