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I LEGO N.Y. - Abstract City Blog -

New York Moments rendered in Legos
Cute lego representations of nyc things.
NYC broken down to its simplest tiny parts. In Lego. So fucking good. (Thanks Val.)
Lego's ability to channel someone's nostalgia for NY. Awesome.
I LEGO N.Y. - Abstract City Blog -
42 Amazing Sources of Lego Inspiration and Creativity (and a touch of wit) : Speckyboy Design Magazine
lego groups and models- who knew?
Flickr: brickplumber's Photostream
Fotosgrafias de base de StarWarsde LEGO alucinante
<Kazy> also this came up in my awesomebar
@lucass [from]
Hoth base done in LEGOs
The Battle of Hoth scene rendered in Lego... awesome
amazing star wars lego obsessive
48 of the Coolest, Stylish and Creative Lego Creations : Speckyboy Design Magazine
Cosa degli adulti folli riescono a fare coi mattoncini Lego. Blog, Giocare, Lego
Lego Safe is ultra secure -
the cutting edge of Lego safe technology...