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How to build companies that matter - O'Reilly Radar
Webcast: How to Build a Lean Startup, step-by-step

Learn how to construct a lean startup that focuses on customers, markets, and speed of iteration. Through case studies, exercises, and discussions, instructor Eric Ries guides entrepreneurs of all stripes through the key areas of startup success: product, engineering, QA, marketing, and business strategy. You'll emerge with a clear plan to bring lean-startup thinking back to your company. Multiple Events: San Francisco, CA
How IMVU learned its way to $10M a year - Venture Hacks
article on managing a startup and growing rapidly adapting to what users want
Many founders believe that early stage startups are endeavors of execution. The customer is known, the product is known, and all we have to do is act. Eric takes a different approach. He believes that many early stage startups are labors of learning. The customer is unknown, the product is unknown, and startups must be built to learn.
Kanban for Lean Project Management - Zen
Zen is a simple, flexible, and cost-effective project management solution. Zen provides an web-based kanban board and a powerful messaging system to help you work more effectively with your team.
Agile web2.0 project mgm saas
Achieving Flow in a Lean Startup
great article on how and why to be a lean startup
Discussion of the principals of Lean Startups with many useful hints.
How I manage my most valuable asset – Time
Lessons Learned: How to conduct a Five Whys root cause analysis
Some details about the mechanics of Five Whys
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