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Losing Yourself in HDTV Is a Few Tweaks Away -

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Eddie Zarick | Ready to try it yourself?
How to display a picture or movie on the Apple logo at the back of your laptop computer's lid...
This page contains a nice tutorial how to make actual use of the shinging apple on the otherside of the display lid of mac books.
LCD or Plasma HDTVs: Which to Choose? - Yahoo! Shopping
LCD or Plasma HDTVs: Which to Choose?
Will You See All The HDTV Resolution You Expected? 125 2008 Model Test Results- HD GURU Exclusive ยป HDGURU.Com
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Written and produced by Gary Merson, the nation's leading expert on high definition television, provides everything you need to know about HDTV including news, reviews, the best viewing distance, choosing the right hdtv, learning how to connect. Learn more about high definition broadcasts, cable, satellite, Blu-ray, HD DVD and all the new technologies.
Everything you ever wanted to know about LCD monitors | News | TechRadar UK
The title says it all - "Everything you ever wanted to know about LCD monitors". It would be handy to know which LCD's use which display technology, though I imagine that would be a massive list.
Display Myths Shattered: How Monitor & HDTV Companies Cook Their Specs | Maximum PC
Some of the terms sound impressive, but almost all of this is unnecessary puffery and jargon that confuses not only consumers but the pros, as well.
Breaking the myths of TVs and why they are in place.