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Exporting the past into the future, or, “The Possibility Jelly lives on the hypersurface of the present” « Magical Nihilism

Context and scale, past and future.
Matt Jones's current thoughts on location-based services and the value of "nearish" over "here".
Matt Jones of dopplr de-bunks the b-chino'd hype surrounding in the moment location based apps. Love it.
Perhaps the idea of showing where you are exactly now isn't so good afterall - it's more relevant to talk about where I'll be soon so you can react to it accordingly.
Earlier Matt Jones posting, more mind-bending moments, particularly on the highly temporal value of high resolution location data.
Forget Foursquare: Why Location Marketing Is New Point-of-Purchase - Advertising Age - Digital
It's the ad served while you are reading the news in the morning on an e-reader that knows you're at home and three blocks from a Starbucks. It's a loyalty program on your phone that, through a hotel-room sensor, sets the lights and thermostat and turns the TV to CNN when you walk in the door. It's finding a restaurant in a strange city on a Tuesday night, discovering that a store nearby stocks the TV you're looking for, or that a certain grocery on the way home has the cut of meat you need.
Forget Foursquare or Gowalla: Soon every website and service will be able to tell where you are, opening up the floodgates for location-based marketing and blurring the budget lines for advertisers.
Why We Check In: The Reasons People Use Location-Based Social Networks
[RRW] Case studies, usage examples on location-based social networking
As good as a description I've read RT @marshallk: Why We Check In: Reasons People Use Location-Based Social Networks