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kewlchops: Not quite what I had in mind.

Bugger! Really REALLY sorry about this. Can't believe how brutally George was treated.
Flickr anställd blir sparkad
Laying of George Oates
George rules.
Whoa! George Oates got hit by the Yahoo! layoffs.
George Oates on the Yahoo/Flickr layoff
(It would be unfair to give anyone affected by the lay-offs special treatment.) It's not just my treatment I worry about here. Such a sudden movement makes it especially hard to continue the program effectively, at least for a while. So silly. I sent a few tersely helpful emails before my email account was closed. Couldn't resist. Don't let The Commons die, you buggers! Can't you see how wonderful it is?!?!?
Leaks: Yahoo's secret layoff doublespeak revealed!
Yahoo isn't firing people en masse — it's "getting fit." That noisome euphemism for today's layoffs of 1,500 people must have hissed forth from the brain of some overpaid management consultant. Likewise for pages upon pages of instructions on how to sack employees — which Valleywag has obtained.
These are some seriously morbid slides from a HR perspective.
Google Layoffs - 10,000 Workers Affected
Note, you don’t want to hire most of those laid off. Most permanent Googlers were “managing” projects (e.g, taking 4 day weekends and showing up to work only to eat the free food and showed up barely to 1 or 2 meetings per week). The temps that were there for more than a year learned the same laziness and worthless work ethic. If you’re looking for people with no real experience and who think it’s okay to steal a tray of bottle water provided by the company for everyone to drink… then go ahead and hire a Googler. Otherwise, be really careful and interview really in-depth about what they can and cannot do (and verify it).
Google has been quietly laying off staff and up to 10,000 jobs could be on the chopping block according to sources. Since August, hundreds of employees have been laid off and there are reports that about 500 of them were recruiters for Google. By law, Google is required to report layoffs publicly and with the SEC however, Google has managed to get around the legal requirement. In fact, one of the ways Google was able to meet Wall Street’s Q3 earnings expectations was by trimming “operational” expenses. Google reports to the SEC that it has 20,123 employees but in reality it has 30,000. Why the discrepancy? Google classifies 10,000 of the employees as temporary operational expenses or “workers”. Google co-founder Sergey Brin said, “There is no question that the number (of workers) is too high”. There is no question the economic downturn is hitting Google hard and with the slowdown in online advertising, their troubles are just beginning.
Google has been quietly laying off staff and up to 10,000 jobs could be on the chopping block according to sources.