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A friend of mine who happens to be a famous designer (this person shall remain nameless) said something not long ago about one of my projects that really pissed me off. At the time, I objected to this person’s tone and delivery, thinking it inappropriate. After all, we’re friends! But given some distance from the event, I realize now that, the formal qualities of the remarks aside, this person had a point. They weren’t necessarily right, mind you, but there was a legitimate criticism at the core, to which I should have paid attention. In retrospect I realize that getting hot and bothered about this person’s tone said something much less flattering about me than about the person.
The notion of speaking openly, honestly and objectively about work is inherent to learning how to be a better X...."This is why art, film and architecture have achieved such great heights in our society: those art forms are economically robust enough to support a vibrant critical class."
"To put a finer point on it: are we being honest with one another?" - also designer zu designern
The importance of honest criticism (in every profession).