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In the Woods – 20 jQuery Plugins Worth Implementing into your Themes
jQuery Highlight Plugin | bartaz @ GitHub

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$("body p").highlight("jQuery highlight plugin");
Plunging into the sea of jQuery plugins – Part I
A step by step example of creating a jQuery plugin and close examination of jQuery UI interaction plugins.
How to create a jQuery plugin
20 Best And Useful jQuery Plugins of March 2010
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25 Best And Useful jQuery Plugins of May 2010
jQuery is one of the most famous, free and open source JavaScript library in use today. jQuery is a lightweight, cross-browser JavaScript library which is
That’s the reason, we always try to showcase fresh and useful jQuery plugins developed in every month. In our last month’s post, we wrapped up 20 Best and Useful jquery Plugins of April 2010 and received lots of appreciation. Even this time, I hope you will find here another fresh piece of work. So, have a look on SaveDelete’s compilation of 25 Best and Useful jQuery Plugins of May 2010 and I am sure that there plugins would offer better options for your web projects.
29 Best And Useful jQuery Plugins Of June 2010
Los mejores 29 plugins jQuery de Junio del 2010.
Top Collection Of JQuery Plugins | Ulancer
Great collection, published July 2010, includes plugins for jQuery 1.4