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Clever JPEG Optimization Techniques | How-To | Smashing Magazine

Great article on how JPG compression works and how best to optimise your images.
Optimize all your PNG and JPEG images with one command using imgopt |
optimizaçao de imagens
This sort of nitty-gritty optimisation stuff appeals to my nerdy side. An interesting article, but it's also worth reading the comments for a few gotchas.
I've used some of the comments this script shells out to stand-alone, but this combines it all together and makes it nice and easy to extremely squeeze graphics (losslessly)
Faster JPEG Encoding in Flash Player 10 [ by Thibault Imbert ] <
Faster JPEG Encoding with Flash Player 10 #flash #jpeg
作者對Flash Player10作了JPG輸出優化(比corelib的版本快了2.X以上)
replacement jpeg encoder class
Generation Loss on Vimeo
This video demonstrates the loss in quality which occurs when saving a JPG 600 times.
A video depicting the progression of over-optimization in the JPEG format over time
[via iconolith] Open the last saved jpeg image Save it as a new jpeg image with slightly more compression Repeat 600 times
Video que muestra como pierde calidad una imagen en sucesivas compresiones JPG
A video showing the loss of quality resulting in saving a jpg image 600 times. » Blog Archive » My First and Last Webcomic
There are times when PNG is better than JPEG. Like, almost always.
PNG vs JPG: 6 simple lessons you can learn from our mistakes | TurnKey Linux Blog
PNG compresses images without losing quality. JPGs are lighter. Don't use PNG for everything to reduce weight