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Jobs for Designers and Developers

Therefore, I have compiled a list of 55 job sites and hope you may find them useful. These links include job boards, job searches, project bidding sites, and job feed aggregators. This post is totally worth to bookmark, whether you are a designer, developer, Flash programmer,or a freelance writer. Of course, don’t forget to check our job board first — Design Jobs on the Wall.
tutti i siti in cui trovare lavoro come web designer
How to Change the World: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job
"..Before trying these tips, make sure you’ve filled out your profile and added at least twenty connections.." From:
10 ways to use LinkedIn to Find a Job
Searching for a job can suck if you constrain yourself to the typical tools such as online jobs boards, trade publications, CraigsList, and networking with only your close friends. In these kinds of times, you need to use all the...
How To: Jump to a New Career with a Killer Resume and Plan
A bad reason to switch careers: You want to meet new people. (Try going to a bar, or Club Med. What you really want is to get a life. Pick up a hobby.) Lol ^^
30+ Websites to Visit When You're Laid Off
Career Couch - Don’t Neglect to Send a Cover Letter When Applying for a Job - Interview -
Good advice on applying for jobs electronically.
Great Study in Style, Tone, Content and Energy of a Cover Letter
Cover letters are still necessary, and in a competitive market they can give you a serious edge.
How to Find a Job Online | Personal Finance Blog, Online Money Management, Budget Planner and Financial Planning -
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Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job
10 Job Listing Sites With Unique Opportunities - Stepcase Lifehack
Change Your Resume for a Great 2009 – Part I - Stepcase Lifehack
How to Write Great Cover Letters for Your Resume - Dumb Little Man
Dumb Little Man shares ideas to make the everyday person more productive in life. Expect to read tips on finance, saving money, business, and some DIY for the house.
HOW TO: Find a Job on Twitter
Tough economic times call for innovative approaches. An estimated 51 million people internationally are expected to lose their jobs in 2009, and with the unemployment rate on the rise, how does one find career opportunities fast? One great option is Twitter.
Twitter is evolving as another resource, in addition to traditional methods, for both job searching and recruiting.
10 Ning Networks to Help You Land Your Next Job
We’re all in this economy together, so why not unite with people who have the same mission? 80% of jobs are filled through networking, so by signing up for social networks, filling out your profile and actively communicating with other people, you have a much better chance of securing a job during these tough economic times.
squawkfox » 6 Action Words That Make Your Resume Rock
The 20 Best Job Search Web Sites - Features by PC Magazine
Unemployment numbers are sky high, but there is a silver lining: there are lots of great online resources to help job seekers find work.
10 Great Social Sites for Resume Building
Creating the perfect resume is not easy. Luckily, there are a number of online resources dedicated to helping you create outstanding resumes.
"Here are 10 great social sites with unique features that let you create your own resume-like profile, edit your resume online, get it reviewed by experts, print it, share it on social networks, and much more." - Twitter Job Search Engine. - the world's first job search engine to harness the power of Twitter. Search the hottest, most recent best paid jobs in the entire Twitterverse.
twtjobs :: a simple career manager Twitter app.
Herramienta para postear ofertas de empleo y buscar candidatos vía twitter
Create your Twitter Resume. Post a Job Opening!
10 Answers You Should Know Before Your Job Interview - Dumb Little Man
Top 5 Free Resume Hosting Websites |
I like these sites. It's important to stay current on latest job seeking and resume writing sites.
Interview Questions & Answers |
Interview Questions
Lifehacker - Know the Answers to These Questions Before Your Job Interview - Interview Skills
If you've gone on more than one job interview, you know you can count on hearing many of the same questions at each. Make sure you've got these 10 answers down pat before you head out the door to your next interview.
Seven Great Questions to Ask at a Job Interview - Stepcase Lifehack
Questions to ASK for your interview
Including: What are the criteria that you are looking for in the successful candidate for this position?
The Savvy Networker
resume guidelines
Ace the Interview - David Silverman -
Land-a-Government-Job-Now: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Personal Finance, career-work
45% of Employers Now Screen Social Media Profiles
This article shines light on the possible downside of user generated content. The author of the article outlines how more and more employers are turning to the net in order to see how prospective employees represent themselves to the world. Many could argue that this indeed is an invasion of privacy but this seems to be the avenue that is readily available for use. This article links with history2.0 as it exposes how our media consumption habits are continually changing with certain forms of media now being phased out to make way for new advanced media with multiplatform databases. The website that the article is found in is a multi platform for user generated content and provides the links to further spread information to other users. This gives legitimacy to the facts brought forward in the article as the information would have come from within the website.
We all know that employers are getting savvy to social networking sites and the information we share online. But what you may not know is that a recently conducted survey shows that nearly 1 in 2 companies are doing their online due diligence for prospective job candidates. This according to research firm Harris Interactive, who was commissioned by and surveyed 2,667 HR professionals, finding that 45% of them use social networking sites to research job candidates, with an additional 11% planning to implement social media screening in the very near future.
This according to research firm Harris Interactive, who was commissioned by and surveyed 2,667 HR professionals, finding that 45% of them use social networking sites to research job candidates, with an additional 11% planning to implement social media screening in the very near future.
Five Signs Your Resume Is Passe - DivineCaroline
The workplace is not what it was five years ago. Neither is the job hunt. The most successful candidates are those who are ready and...
Up to the minute resume suggestions.
How to Ask a (Near) Stranger for a Favor - David Silverman -
Monday August 31, 2009 | | David Silverman Tags:Business writing, Communication, Networking
Great and simple article on how to revive a lost relationship for a favor.
Free eBook- Using the Social Web to Find Work |
I’ve written Using the Social Web to Find Work as a free ebook for you to download and share with others. It includes ideas and information from [], and takes you from the specifics of using LinkedIn to your benefit, into some ideas on how to grow and nurture your social networks ahead of a need for them. It’s not much, but I wanted to help in one way that I know how – by providing ideas and actionable information.
Mostly Brogan's thoughts on how to get the most out of LinkedIn
Master the "Why Hire Me" Story to Land a Job - Job search - Lifehacker
From LifeHacker dated 22 Sep 2009
So you've finally landed that job interview. Now it's time to seal the deal with a killer interview. How? For one, try mastering your "Why hire me" story.
How To Build The Ultimate Job Finding Dashboard with iGoogle | FreelanceFolder
This tutorial will show you how to build the ultimate, customizable, job finding dashboard using iGoogle. Integrate job boards, twitter searches, and more.
Lifehacker - Avoid Tipping Your Hand in Salary Negotiations - Salary Negotiation
Never reveal your prior salary, says Ramit Sethi. "It's just none of their business," Rather than answering, Sethi and others suggest steering the conversation into your worth (hopefully you've done your homework before the interview enough so you'll know how to discuss how valuable you are).
100 Incredibly Helpful Lifehacks for the Unemployed
Whether you’re fresh out of college and looking for work or trying to get back in the workforce, unemployment can be quite a predicament. Chances are, you’ll need all the help you can get. Make use of these lifehacks to make your unemployed life just a bit easier.
Stack Overflow Careers
Stack Overflow careers!
Twitter Yourself a Job -
WSJ article: Twitter yourself a job [from]
artículo al que se refiere @angelmendez
How to Use Linkedin to get the Job You Want | Personal Branding Blog - Dan Schawbel
Useful for my friends looking for jobs
In this post you will learn how to bypass the “virtual gatekeeper” (the company’s career page) and get the attention of the recruiter you need for the job you want by using Linkedin. Here is what to do. 1. Create your Linkedin profile page. Dan Schawbel wrote a nice post on using Linkedin to promote your personal brand. Go read it for some tips on creating a good Linkedin profile. 2. Go to the Linkedin homepage and click the Advanced Link at the top right by the Search People box.
Lifehacker - Negotiate Your Salary More Effectively - Career
give you time to think about it while also putting a little pressure on the employer.
Newest Professions, Growing Salaries
Education Distance learning, which provides instruction to students who are not on-site, is booming. O*Net now recognizes distance learning coordinators, who prepare and run online courses at colleges, trade schools and secondary schools. A master's degree instructional design, curriculum design, curriculum development is usually required, as is a strong understanding of Web-based technologies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn't yet recognize distance learning coordinators as a job category, but an analysis of job openings shows a range from the upper $30s to the low $60s for a coordinator with at least two years' experience.
Anesthesiologist assistants and Green jobs
The latest directory of job titles from Occupational Information Network (O*Net) features a variety of new entries that many people have never heard before. Some of these jobs -- at least the duties -- have been around in some form for a while. What's new is a "professional pathway" for these careers.
The latest directory of job titles from Occupational Information Network (O*Net) features a variety of new entries that many people have never heard before. Some of these jobs -- at least the duties -- have been around in some form for a while. What's new is a "professional pathway" for these careers, according to employment expert and author Laurence Shatkin. "O*Net officially recognizes job titles once there is a critical mass of workers in those jobs and a clear road map for attaining the positions," he says.
Interview Myths That Keep You From Landing the Job
Job interview tips
Welcome to
incubated by dreamIt ventures somewhat similar to my internboard idea
Tips from a headhunter
assertTrue( ): Nine Questions to Ask during a Job Interview
Nine Questions to Ask during a Job Interview
The Savvy Networker
h the state of ease that lets an "f-bomb" escape your lips, you've gone too far.
It's a rather sad state of affairs that a list like this has to even exist.
Some of these really left me speechless - I cannot believe that people actually do them in an interview situation. Worth a read, though - especially if you're having a tough time job hunting.
50 Worst of the Worst (and Most Common) Job Interview Mistakes - Yahoo! Finance
Bad habits in interviewing
50 Worst of the Worst (and Most Common) Job Interview Mistakes
Simple list of 50 things you shouldn't do on your job interview- such as : Don't badmouth your old boss, and don't smell like smoke.
A bit Americanised but some good (and funny) tips for interviews.
Finding the perfect part-time work - Manage Your Life on Shine
Getty Images Part-time work is on the rise, and it's no surprise. People are taking on extra jobs to make up for hours or income lost, an out-of-work partner, or even a business facing hard times. But part-time jobs can me more than a stop-gap…
Using Twitter and Facebook to Find a Job - TIME,8599,1903083,00.html
This article in Time magizine explains how social networking has changed the way people approach job searching.
Online social networks from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn are the new power tools for today\'s job seekers
Lifehacker - Create a Log to Keep Track of Your Job Search - Downloads
If you've submitted more resumes to more places than you can possibly remember, it's time to start keeping a log of where and when you've applied to each job.
The Savvy Networker- Yahoo! HotJobs
10 phrases that kill a resume
A New Employer: 8 Steps to Put Your Best Foot Forward - Stepcase Lifehack
Web 2.0 Tactics for Successful Job-Hunting - Business Center - PC World
With unemployment at a 14-year high and 240,000 workers laid off in October alone, many Americans are scrambling to update their resumes and turning to job boards and networking sites. Some are panicking as they try to devise new ways to get in front of employers. But even in trying times like these, prospective employees shouldn't completely reinvent their job-seeking styles. Indeed, much of the tried-and-true career advice we've all heard is relevant in your next job search. To outshine your competitors and win the gig in today's economy , here's a secret to success: Don't abandon the steadfast career tips passed down from generations, but rather, refine them -- with a keen eye for the value in Web 2.0 tools like social networking. Whether you're one of many IT professionals out of work or among the few making career leaps despite rocky economic times, consider these five ways to express your candidacy with flair.
13 Essential Tips for Landing a Job on LinkedIn
Tips para encontrar trabajo en LinkedIN
7-things-you-should-say-in-an-interview: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
How to get hired | Derek Sivers