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Resume: Six Words You Should Drop from Your Resume
squawkfox » 6 Words That Make Your Resume Suck

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27 Places to Find Web Design Jobs
Jobs for Designers and Developers
Therefore, I have compiled a list of 55 job sites and hope you may find them useful. These links include job boards, job searches, project bidding sites, and job feed aggregators. This post is totally worth to bookmark, whether you are a designer, developer, Flash programmer,or a freelance writer. Of course, don’t forget to check our job board first — Design Jobs on the Wall.
tutti i siti in cui trovare lavoro come web designer
10 Companies Hiring for Work from Home
Work from home
Seth's Blog: What are you good at?
Difference between Content and Process
career marketing
As you consider marketing yourself for your next gig, consider the difference between process and content.
As you consider marketing yourself for your next gig, consider the difference between process and content. Content is domain knowledge. People you know or skills you've developed. Playing the piano or writing copy about furniture sales. A rolodex of movers in a given industry, or your ability to compute stress ratios in your head. Domain knowledge is important, but it's (often) easily learnable. Process, on the other hand, refers to the emotional intelligence skills you have about managing projects, visualizing success, persuading other people of your point of view, dealing with multiple priorities, etc. This stuff is insanely valuable and hard to learn. Unfortunately, it's usually overlooked by headhunters and HR folks, partly because it's hard to accredit or check off in a database.
How to Change the World: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job
"..Before trying these tips, make sure you’ve filled out your profile and added at least twenty connections.." From:
10 ways to use LinkedIn to Find a Job
Searching for a job can suck if you constrain yourself to the typical tools such as online jobs boards, trade publications, CraigsList, and networking with only your close friends. In these kinds of times, you need to use all the...
Professional Software Development » 100 Interview Questions to Ask Employers
How To: Jump to a New Career with a Killer Resume and Plan
A bad reason to switch careers: You want to meet new people. (Try going to a bar, or Club Med. What you really want is to get a life. Pick up a hobby.) Lol ^^
30+ Websites to Visit When You're Laid Off
Career Couch - Don’t Neglect to Send a Cover Letter When Applying for a Job - Interview -
Good advice on applying for jobs electronically.
Great Study in Style, Tone, Content and Energy of a Cover Letter
Cover letters are still necessary, and in a competitive market they can give you a serious edge.
Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Tools for Landing a Better Job
ingle resume and CV into a giant, OCR-scanned database; others merely search out candidates on job sites using specific word criteria. Either way, having the right words on your resume prevents being cut in the first round like some warbly-voiced would-be Idol contestant. On the other hand, the humans who actually read through your cover letter, resume, and ap
How to Find a Job Online | Personal Finance Blog, Online Money Management, Budget Planner and Financial Planning -
listed on popular bkmarks
How to Change the World: Guest Post: Memo from Kafka's Castle and What Employers Want to See on Your Resume
Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job
10 Job Listing Sites With Unique Opportunities - Stepcase Lifehack
Change Your Resume for a Great 2009 – Part I - Stepcase Lifehack
How to Write Great Cover Letters for Your Resume - Dumb Little Man
Dumb Little Man shares ideas to make the everyday person more productive in life. Expect to read tips on finance, saving money, business, and some DIY for the house.
Freelancing Gods: Freelancing Tips via Rails Camp 4
Competence: Is Your Boss Faking It? - TIME,8599,1878358,00.html?cnn=yes
Social psychologists know that one way to be viewed as a leader in any group is simply to act like one. Speak up, speak well and offer lots of ideas, and before long, people will begin doing what you say. This works well when leaders know what they're talking about, but what if they don't? If someone acts like a boss but thinks like a boob, is that still enough to stay on top? - "More-dominant individuals achieved influence in their groups in part because they were seen as more competent by fellow group members," Anderson and Kilduff write.
"Speak up, speak well and offer lots of ideas, and before long, people will begin doing what you say" - Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Found at
speaking up makes you look intelligent
squawkfox » Series: How to Write a Resume (that gets job interviews)
Good tips within
Interview Questions: Two Bowling Balls | 20bits
Annotated link
resume-infographic.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200x927 pixels)
Visual representation of a resume
Pretty cool and makes sense to me.
HOW TO: Find a Job on Twitter
Tough economic times call for innovative approaches. An estimated 51 million people internationally are expected to lose their jobs in 2009, and with the unemployment rate on the rise, how does one find career opportunities fast? One great option is Twitter.
Twitter is evolving as another resource, in addition to traditional methods, for both job searching and recruiting.
10 Ning Networks to Help You Land Your Next Job
We’re all in this economy together, so why not unite with people who have the same mission? 80% of jobs are filled through networking, so by signing up for social networks, filling out your profile and actively communicating with other people, you have a much better chance of securing a job during these tough economic times.
squawkfox » 6 Action Words That Make Your Resume Rock
The 20 Best Job Search Web Sites - Features by PC Magazine
Unemployment numbers are sky high, but there is a silver lining: there are lots of great online resources to help job seekers find work.
Unemployed (or Preparing to Be)? These Sites Could Be Your Best Friends - PC World
Unemployed (or Preparing to Be)? These Sites Could Be Your Best Friends
We found a battery of new sites and services--such as LinkedIn JobsInsider, Recessionwire, and to providing the kind of cost-cutting, job-search, and moral-support tools that can be invaluable during lean times.
10 Great Social Sites for Resume Building
Creating the perfect resume is not easy. Luckily, there are a number of online resources dedicated to helping you create outstanding resumes.
"Here are 10 great social sites with unique features that let you create your own resume-like profile, edit your resume online, get it reviewed by experts, print it, share it on social networks, and much more." - Twitter Job Search Engine. - the world's first job search engine to harness the power of Twitter. Search the hottest, most recent best paid jobs in the entire Twitterverse.
How to Keep a Career Log - wikiHow
A career journal, diary, or log is a way of keeping track of what you do or have done in the past. Those little things that you might forget down the road, but when added together can, at the very least, add up to a significant pat on the back. If used right, it can help you with focusing your career and life experiences. It can also be helpful when updating your resume. Here's how to get the most out of your career log.
How to Tweet Your Way Out of a Job « I’m Not Actually a Geek
From I'm Not a Geek Blog dated ~ 23 Mar 2009
How to Tweet Your Way Out of a Job
A lucky job applicant tweeted the following: Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.
Top 20 Websites to Find Work as a Freelance Designer | Spoonfed Design
Another listing of freelancing jobs in web design and web development.
ave the time. You are ready to work, but there’s one problem. You have no clients. The biggest struggle freelancers face is finding work. The
Top 20 Websites to Find Work as a Freelance Designer | Spoonfed Design -
resume_comic.png (PNG Image, 1000x1853 pixels)
Ha ha ha, so true!
The Geography of a Recession - Interactive Graphic -
Mrs. Tyler
unemployment map of the USA
10 skills developers will need in the next five years | 10 Things |
If you’re a developer looking to get ahead in your field (or in some cases, to simply stay employed), this is not a good time to be complacent. Justin James lists the skills you’ll want to work on now to maximize your future job prospects.
Land Your Dream Job: Ditch School and Get a Library Card | Zen Habits
It just seemed interesting to me. I have no school now and, I don't know, this article just interested me.
solidifies my arguments against college
HOW TO: Leverage Social Media for Career Success
Do You Pass the Social Media Recruitment Test?
Do You Pass the Social Media Recruitment Test?
What Would Dad Say » A Complete List of 100 Attributes of People Who Start Companies:How You Can Be One of America’s Entrepreneurs.
Here are one hundred characteristics and attributes of people who start companies—some born of experience, education or birth. Most can be learned by study and practice.
Summation: Why hiring is paradoxically harder in a downturn
Hiring is always hard. The hardest thing to do at a company is the recruiting and hiring. It was really hard when the economy was doing well. Paradoxically, for certain industries (especially those reliant on innovation such as those in the tech space), it's even harder when times are tough. That's right ... hiring in tough economic times can actually be much harder than when times are good. In a downturn, the amount of resumes from C-Players massively increases while the amount of resumes from A-Players probably remains the same.
"It's harder to hire great people in a tough economy"
The Simple Dollar » 50 Side Businesses You Can Start On Your Own
Each of these ideas is very simple to start, and most can be done as a sole proprietorship at first (meaning you don’t have to file any legal documents to get started, though you will want to do that if it starts to take off). Most of these can be done at home in your spare time in your spare space, too. Ready? See if there are any ideas below that fit you well. If you find an idea, seek out a guide on how to get started in that area.
The Monster List of Freelance Job Sites - 2009 Update - FreelanceSwitch - The Freelance Blog
Every freelancer needs clients. We rely on them, nurture our relationships with them, and provide a quality of service that keeps then coming back. And we can never have enough of them! The Monster List of Freelance Job Sites has one purpose: to massively increase your source of potential clients and potential jobs. This list, like Isaac Newton, stands on the shoulders of giants. The original Monster List of Freelance Job Sites has been valuable and much visited since April 2007. Your hundreds of comments have greatly added to its value. This list is a thorough update, removing dead links, adding new sites, and taking on board many of the suggestions from your comments.
Details of the different types of jobs.
The Monster List of Freelance Job Sites - 2009 Update - FreelanceSwitch - The Freelance Blog
How To Nail An Interview
40+ Articles to Help Freelance Designers Find More Work
a load of articles to help with the current climate - whatever that is
Coding Horror: The Eight Levels of Programmers
via @indrayam FF post
프로그래머에 관한 이야기
An interactive map of vanishing employment across the country. - By Chris Wilson - Slate Magazine
Clickable interactive map of Job gain and job loss across US across time.
By Chris Wilson (Slate Magazine): if you're morbidly interested, click-through; if you're the kind of person that cringes when you watch eye-ball surgery on the Health Channel... Well, maybe I can find a link to icanhazcheezburger around here somewhere... : search craigslist like a madman
coolest craigslist search ever! : search craigslist like a madman
America's Newest Profession -
The best studies we can find say we are a nation of over 20 million bloggers, with 1.7 million profiting from the work, and 452,000 of those using blogging as their primary source of income. That's almost 2 million Americans getting paid by the word, the post, or the click -- whether on their site or someone else's. And that's nearly half a million of whom it can be said, as Bob Dylan did of Hurricane Carter: "It's my work he'd say, I do it for pay."
Bloggers for hire—more Americans are now making a living at blogging.
In America today, there are almost as many people making their living as bloggers as there are lawyers. Already more Americans are making their primary income from posting their opinions than Americans working as computer programmers or firefighters.
Is Crowdsourcing Evil? The Design Community Weighs In | Epicenter from
ms increasingly obvious that it will. Aided by a new generation of sophisticated startups, ever cheaper creative tools and
This several weeks old, but still of interest. If you're a designer or design you student you should definitely read it.
ing industries-the spoils g
something for nothing?
Coderholic » Blog Archive » Top 10 Freelance Developer Job Sites
find freelance writing work (hopfully) I must spend time here to find out more
list of freelance jobs......
OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN | | How to Escape Mundanity
Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute ∞ Get Rich Slowly
The Geography of a Recession - Interactive Graphic -
How to negotiate a salary without tipping your hand - Manage Your Life on Shine
You’ve gotten pretty far in a job discussion. You like them. They like you. And it's getting down to the nitty gritty. Then your prospective employer pops the question you’ve been dreading: “So what are you making now?” (or some variation like, “What were you making in your last position?”) You freeze. You know that answering the question can only hurt you. It might peg you at a salary you feel you’ve outgrown or that you improperly negotiated. And you know that you’re always supposed to let the other person name a price first in any negotiation. So what do you do?
Review Careers By Cluster
TransAccess teach this to CHS May 2009 Explore different careers.
Useful for career studies (intermediate/middle/secondary)
careers can be searched by job cluster or by career interest/skill; would need to be used by students who have a more clear idea of their interest/skill or cluster because there are an overwhelming number of choices.
Free career site for h.s. and m.s. can examine careers by "cluster"
after selecting 3 interests, realistic, investigative enterprising - match interests - select animal scientists- select state at bottom
The Geography of Jobs - TIP Strategies
Animated map: net change in job numbers of the 100 largest metro areas from Jan 2004-Mar 2009. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
RT @ritubpant: The Geography of Jobs (Interactive Map) Pls RT (via @zaibatsu) [from]
twtjobs :: a simple career manager Twitter app.
Herramienta para postear ofertas de empleo y buscar candidatos vía twitter
Create your Twitter Resume. Post a Job Opening!
Enternships entrepreneurial work placements
The place to find the hottest entrepreneurial work experience and full time roles.
"The place to find the hottest entrepreneurial work experience and full time roles."
could be a great place for Mindbox to find talent and cheap labor
10 Answers You Should Know Before Your Job Interview - Dumb Little Man
Top 5 Free Resume Hosting Websites |
I like these sites. It's important to stay current on latest job seeking and resume writing sites.
Lifehacker - Negotiate Your Salary with the Help of the White Lie - Salary
salary negotiations
Forget the resume, kill on the cover letter - (37signals)
esse barra servirá para salvamos sites de nosso interrese. está lá em cima
Interview Questions & Answers |
Interview Questions
Lifehacker - Know the Answers to These Questions Before Your Job Interview - Interview Skills
If you've gone on more than one job interview, you know you can count on hearing many of the same questions at each. Make sure you've got these 10 answers down pat before you head out the door to your next interview.
Programmers: Before you turn 40, get a plan B « Software++
For those how make websites.
“la encuesta de la gente que hace sitios” que, con más de 30.000 encuestados
Interesting survey about developers in 2008
The Manager's Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense R | Human Resources |
Cost of living: Compare prices in two cities -
Freelance Jobs Search | DoNanza
Game Theory, Salary Negotiation, and Programmers - Steve Hanov's Technology Blog
Seven Great Questions to Ask at a Job Interview - Stepcase Lifehack
Questions to ASK for your interview
Including: What are the criteria that you are looking for in the successful candidate for this position?
What does a CEO do? A CEO Job Description by Stever Robbins
The roles of leader
quality. Not over-celebrating a team’s heroic recovery when they could have avoided a problem altogether sends a message about prevention versus damage control. People take their cues about interpersonal values—trust, honesty, openness—from CEO’s actions as well. Capital allocation is the CEO’s #4 duty. The CEO sets budgets within the firm. She funds projects which support the strategy, and ramps down projects which lose money or don’t support the strategy. She considers carefully the company’s major expenditures, and manages the firm’s capital. If the company can’t use each dollar raised from investors to produce at least $1 of shareholder value, she decides when to return money to the investors. Some CEOs don’t consider themselves financial people, but at the end of the day, it is their decisions that determine the company’s financial fate.
Welcome To ALA’s Getting a Job in a Tough Economy toolkit - ALA | Get A Job!
The Savvy Networker
resume guidelines
Rise of the Data Scientist | FlowingData
Ace the Interview - David Silverman -
Lifehacker - Anticipate Your Interviewer's Next Question to Ace Your Job Interview - Interview
Accueil | Portail des métiers de l'internet
portail du gouvernement
« Informations utiles pour s'orienter dans les formations mais aussi dans les filières d’emploi nouveaux créés par l’Internet. Le Portail des Métiers de l’Internet [...] intègre un référentiel qui met en lumière les métiers des technologies de l’information et de la communication parmi lesquels des métiers émergents à forte valeur ajoutée que le public n'identifie pas toujours aisément. »
Land-a-Government-Job-Now: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Personal Finance, career-work
California Startup Business Lawyers - Startup Law 101 - Mistakes Founders Make – Misunderstanding Capitalization - FAQ 010 - Grellas & Associates
Toolkit - Networking for the Shy Entrepreneur -
Among the tidbits offered, the article suggests networking in person. Though perhaps intuitive and inviting for the more gregarious worker, this is an especially important step for the shy employee who may prefer to limit the crux of his communications to emails and IM chats. While both are important to establishing and maintaining a relationship, meeting up in-person is vital. The NYT bluntly says to force yourself to do so. Making a bee line to the bar or buffet, if there is one, is a classic way to get the ball rolling. The article also claims that being an introvert can even help your networking efforts. Introverts are intuitive and analytical. Use that skill. After you have been networking for a while, ask, "What is working? What isn't? Where do you get the most bang for your buck?"
From, Paul B Brown. Networking tips
What Not to Do When Applying for Library Jobs | In the Library with the Lead Pipe
What not to do when applying for library jobs.
Avoid These Phrases to Keep Your Resume Relevant - Job search - Lifehacker
10-best-and-real-work-at-home-jobs.html: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
I wouldn't mind doing some of these.
15 Freelancer Design And Development Creative Job Boards | Graphic and Web Design Blog - Inspiration, Resources and Tools
* o and build a [...] o
JoobsBox is the most flexible framework for job boards, allowing community expand it to unlimited needs.
Plateforme web open source d'offres d'emploi développée en PHP avec le framework Zend.
JobSpice is an easy, yet powerful online resume builder.
helps you build a resume etc.
5 Ways to Make Money Online |
There are plenty of ways to make money online, here we'll take a look at 5 unique ways to start making money online, easily and right away!
Recession-Proof Graduate
Great presentation - great ideas
12 Simple Ways To Impress Your Boss (And Everyone Else) | ItStartsWith.Us
Just about everyone wants to do great work, look good in the eyes of their boss, and earn the respect of their peers.
Hacking a Google Interview
Steve Jobs: The man who polished Apple - Times Online
apple stevejobs biography jobs mac
For five years the owner of the Jackling House in Woodside, California, has been trying to knock it down. He hates the place, calling it “one of the biggest abominations of a house I’ve ever seen”. He hates it so much, he has abandoned it to live a few miles away in Palo Alto. Pictures of the interior show a ghostly, decaying mansion. The owner can’t knock it down because of protests from conservationists. But a deal has been done. He will spend $600,000 to have it taken down and will have it rebuilt elsewhere — not a big victory by his standards, but a satisfying one. He has been having a hard time lately.
My own view is that a Jobsless Apple will seek a merger with Google. The two companies are rapidly converging... There is Apple’s iPhone and there is Google’s Android, not a phone in itself, but an operating system that can be used by other companies. Google also produce a web browser called Chrome, which competes with Apple’s Safari. And, most importantly, Google is working on a computer operating system, also called Chrome, which may well be a very serious competitor for Mac OS X... The point is that both companies are aiming to seize dominance of the world market from Microsoft... The loss of Jobs’s genius for products would mean Google’s innovation and Apple’s design and market sense would be a very good fit, although antitrust regulators might disagree.
"Apple Inc is worth around $140 billion. But is it worth anything without Jobs? It is a company formed around his personality and inspiration. It is also the most watched, envied, admired and adored company in the world."
101 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Freelancers | Freelance Apple
Hey- thought this might be useful to you as well, as a consultant/contractor.
“Why Should We Hire You” Interview Question and Answers
RUNmyERRAND: Post your errands and get connected with local Errand Runners immediately! is an online community of Errand Senders and Errand Runners joining together to get things done. Think of it as a Craigslist meets Ebay. Leveraging social networking concepts, we have created a Service Networking community to help people get errands done, while others can make money running these errands.
웹 이력서 페이지 만들기 서비스, Ajax를 사용해서 자유로운 편집 가능하며 PDF 출력도 가능. IE 계열에서는 작동 안함.
JobSpice is an easy, yet powerful online resume builder.
Resume builder
45% of Employers Now Screen Social Media Profiles
This article shines light on the possible downside of user generated content. The author of the article outlines how more and more employers are turning to the net in order to see how prospective employees represent themselves to the world. Many could argue that this indeed is an invasion of privacy but this seems to be the avenue that is readily available for use. This article links with history2.0 as it exposes how our media consumption habits are continually changing with certain forms of media now being phased out to make way for new advanced media with multiplatform databases. The website that the article is found in is a multi platform for user generated content and provides the links to further spread information to other users. This gives legitimacy to the facts brought forward in the article as the information would have come from within the website.
We all know that employers are getting savvy to social networking sites and the information we share online. But what you may not know is that a recently conducted survey shows that nearly 1 in 2 companies are doing their online due diligence for prospective job candidates. This according to research firm Harris Interactive, who was commissioned by and surveyed 2,667 HR professionals, finding that 45% of them use social networking sites to research job candidates, with an additional 11% planning to implement social media screening in the very near future.
This according to research firm Harris Interactive, who was commissioned by and surveyed 2,667 HR professionals, finding that 45% of them use social networking sites to research job candidates, with an additional 11% planning to implement social media screening in the very near future.
Five Signs Your Resume Is Passe - DivineCaroline
The workplace is not what it was five years ago. Neither is the job hunt. The most successful candidates are those who are ready and...
Up to the minute resume suggestions.
8 Brilliant Freelance Job Boards to Help You Get More Clients | Freelance Apple
8 Brilliant Freelance Job Boards to Help You Get More Clients | Freelance Apple -
8 Brilliant Freelance Job Boards to Help You Get More Clients
Top 60 Jobs That Will Rock the Future
Via <a href=""> Peter van Teeseling</a> kwam ik uit bij een glimp in de toekomst wat banen betreft. Netjes gerangschikt op categorie volgt een overzicht van 60 <em>job titles</em> die de wereld in de toekomst zullen veroveren. Volgens de auteur dan, maar het is zeker de moeite waard even doorheen te lopen
We know where the jobs are now… but where will they be ten years from now? Twenty? Some job descriptions will always be in need, but many others are evolving to fit the ever-changing course of technology and science. When the future of employment comes, will you be ready? Read on for some ideas of what to expect:
Content Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
CeeVee - quick & painless résumé management
Free eBook- Using the Social Web to Find Work |
I’ve written Using the Social Web to Find Work as a free ebook for you to download and share with others. It includes ideas and information from [], and takes you from the specifics of using LinkedIn to your benefit, into some ideas on how to grow and nurture your social networks ahead of a need for them. It’s not much, but I wanted to help in one way that I know how – by providing ideas and actionable information.
Mostly Brogan's thoughts on how to get the most out of LinkedIn
Master the "Why Hire Me" Story to Land a Job - Job search - Lifehacker
From LifeHacker dated 22 Sep 2009
So you've finally landed that job interview. Now it's time to seal the deal with a killer interview. How? For one, try mastering your "Why hire me" story.
Advice: After Years With an Employer, Jumping Back Into the Interview Process - Laid Off And Looking - WSJ
This is good to have a look before we go to an actual interview.
The Best Cover Letter I Ever Received - David Silverman -
comments as well
There are really only a few times to use a cover letter: 1. When you know the name of the person hiring 2. When you know something about the job requirement 3. When you've been personally referred (which might include 1 and 2) Under those conditions, you can help your cause by doing some of the résumé analysis for your potential new boss. To illustrate, here's the best cover letter I ever received: Dear David: I am writing in response to the opening for xxxx, which I believe may report to you. I can offer you seven years of experience managing communications for top-tier xxxx firms, excellent project-management skills, and a great eye for detail, all of which should make me an ideal candidate for this opening. I have attached my résumé for your review and would welcome the chance to speak with you sometime. Best regards, Here's what I like about this cover letter: It's short. It sums up the résumé as it relates to the job. It asks for the job.
In my last post I talked about how to make your résumé more likely to catch the attention of a hiring manager. As a follow up, I'd like to discuss cover letters. Here's my basic philosophy on them: don't bother.
19 Tips for Recruiting Great Developers « Software++
19 Tips for Recruiting Great Developers
How To Build The Ultimate Job Finding Dashboard with iGoogle | FreelanceFolder
This tutorial will show you how to build the ultimate, customizable, job finding dashboard using iGoogle. Integrate job boards, twitter searches, and more.
6 Things Every Designer Should Have
A Print Portfolio Even though it is arguably more important to have a web portfolio, you can't neglect having a print portfolio! Many studios and companies want to look at a print portfolio because it can tell them more about you as a designer, es
10 ways to use social media to get a new job | News | TechRadar UK
jobsearch social media
BBC NI - Schools - Go get it! - Get that job - Interview Game
Professionalization in the academy | Harvard Magazine Nov-Dec 2009
Louis Menand outlines the changes afoot with regard to graduate education (and education in general?) and notes the danger of losing academia's contributions to social criticism and reflection.
The following excerpts, from the third and fourth chapters and his conclusion, probe the professionalization of a research-oriented professoriate and the practice and consequences of contemporary doctoral education, and the resulting implications for liberal-arts colleges, universities, and the wider society.
Quote: "A college student who has some interest in further education, but who is unsure whether she wants a career as a professor, is not going to risk investing eight or more years finding out"
Uncovering Steve Jobs' Presentation Secrets - BusinessWeek
For his new book, communications coach Carmine Gallo watched hours of Jobs' keynotes. Here he identifies the five elements of every presentation by the Apple CEO
140 Google Interview Questions | Seattle Interview Coach
Here's a list of 140 Google interview questions.
Here's a list of 140 Google interview questions. Many of our clients have interviewed and received Google job offers. Contact us for a free 15 minute interview analysis before your Google interview.
Empregos em design, programação e publicidade · Na Labuta
Vagas de emprego!
The decade of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple - Nov. 5, 2009
mit keynote-cartoon kombinieren
Dean Wampler's Blog If You Want a Job Tomorrow, Cultivate Your Career Today
Useful tips about keeping your skills up in software development to stay employed .. and employable
s you uniqu
Lifehacker - Avoid Tipping Your Hand in Salary Negotiations - Salary Negotiation
Never reveal your prior salary, says Ramit Sethi. "It's just none of their business," Rather than answering, Sethi and others suggest steering the conversation into your worth (hopefully you've done your homework before the interview enough so you'll know how to discuss how valuable you are).
Stack Overflow Careers
Stack Overflow careers!
5 Essential Document Templates for Freelance Designers - Freelance Web Design Belfast Northern Ireland - Lee Munroe
Design webpage
5 Essential Document Templates for Freelance Designers - Freelance Web Design Belfast Northern Ireland - Lee Munroe
» How to Answer the 10 Most Common Interview Questions
Being a Director of Community | Altitude Branding | Brand Elevation through Social Media
Amber Naslund
Las seis preguntas más temidas por un entrevistador - Senior Manager
Preguntas para saber si todo está funcionando bien en la empresa a la que optamos: 1. “¿Cuáles son las prioridades que tendría que encarar de forma inmediata en el puesto que me ofrecen?; 2. ¿Cuánto tiempo duró en el puesto la persona a la que estoy sustituyendo?; 3. Me gustaría saber sobre el tipo o estilo de gerencia de esta empresa.; 4. ¿Qué tipo de personalidad buscan o necesitan en esta empresa?; 5. ¿Cómo definirían a su empleado modelo o ideal?; 6. ¿Cuánto tiempo llevas tú o lleváis vosotros trabajando aquí?
stra vivencial que revela la importancia que tiene el hecho de hacer las preguntas correctas en el momento adecuado. Claro que existen un millar de preguntas que los candidatos pueden hacer a sus interlocutores, pero yo las resumo en sólo seis, pues son las que reúnen los mejores argumentos y el criterio más acertado para descubrir cualquier aspecto oscuro que luego pueda afectarnos negativamente.
Learn the five secrets of innovation -
"What the innovators have in common is that they can put together ideas and information in unique combinations that nobody else has quite put together before."
After a six-year study, researchers say they've found the five traits shared by all great innovators. Brilliant blue-sky thinking, they say, springs from acute observation and the active pursuit of new experiences -- and that's something anyone can learn to do. "Studies have shown that creativity is close to 80% learned and acquired," says one researcher. "We found that it's like exercising your muscles -- if you engage in the actions you build the skills."
"In an article published in December's Harvard Business Review the researchers identified five skills that separate the blue-sky innovators from the rest -- skills they labeled associating, questioning, observing, experimenting and discovering."
"The way they act is to observe actively, like an anthropologist, and they talk to incredibly diverse people with different world views, who can challenge their assumptions,"
Summary on a HBR December 2009 Article- 5 Keys to innovation, based on research HBS & Bringham Young 6 year study of 3K executives and 500 entrepreneurs: 1) Associating: The ability to connect seemingly unrelated questions, problems or ideas from different fields; 2) Questioning: Innovators constantly ask questions that challenge the common wisdom. They ask "why?", "why not?" and "what if?"; 3) Observing: Discovery-driven executives scrutinize common phenomena, particularly the behavior of potential customers; 4) Experimenting: Innovative entrepreneurs actively try out new ideas by creating prototypes and launching pilots; 5) Networking: innovators go out of their way to meet people with different ideas and perspectives
Build It With Me
List my project here and give it a try
How to Use Linkedin to get the Job You Want | Personal Branding Blog - Dan Schawbel
Useful for my friends looking for jobs
In this post you will learn how to bypass the “virtual gatekeeper” (the company’s career page) and get the attention of the recruiter you need for the job you want by using Linkedin. Here is what to do. 1. Create your Linkedin profile page. Dan Schawbel wrote a nice post on using Linkedin to promote your personal brand. Go read it for some tips on creating a good Linkedin profile. 2. Go to the Linkedin homepage and click the Advanced Link at the top right by the Search People box.
How To Rise Fast At Work: A True Story -
mfortable speaking wi
Ted didn't know--or care--what anyone outside the investment team did. The senior managers were the people to impress, and his fellow analysts were the people to keep ahead of. He sometimes had a hard time getting the administrative team's help in closing trades, but he didn't let that stop him. In fact, he'd often mention his disappointment with administrative staffers at his interruptions--er, meetings--with senior managers.
The wise moves that outpaced a wily and ambitious colleague.
This is a true tale about two acquaintances of mine. One knew instinctively exactly how to get ahead in the workplace. The other thought he knew--and was dead wrong. Alot of us would probably act pretty much the way the latter did. I believe their experiences hold lessons for all of us.
** Posted using Viigo: Mobile RSS, Sports, Current Events and more ** The wise moves that outpaced a wily and ambitious colleague.
A Career in Computing
Lifehacker - Negotiate Your Salary More Effectively - Career
give you time to think about it while also putting a little pressure on the employer.
5 Things You MUST Do Before a Job Interview
So you just found out that you have a job interview tomorrow and unfortunately procrastination is a weaknesses you haven’t yet conquered. Here are the down and dirty tips to pull it together at the last minute.
Carsonified » Five Tips for Kicking Ass at an Interview
Newest Professions, Growing Salaries
Education Distance learning, which provides instruction to students who are not on-site, is booming. O*Net now recognizes distance learning coordinators, who prepare and run online courses at colleges, trade schools and secondary schools. A master's degree instructional design, curriculum design, curriculum development is usually required, as is a strong understanding of Web-based technologies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn't yet recognize distance learning coordinators as a job category, but an analysis of job openings shows a range from the upper $30s to the low $60s for a coordinator with at least two years' experience.
Anesthesiologist assistants and Green jobs
The latest directory of job titles from Occupational Information Network (O*Net) features a variety of new entries that many people have never heard before. Some of these jobs -- at least the duties -- have been around in some form for a while. What's new is a "professional pathway" for these careers.
The latest directory of job titles from Occupational Information Network (O*Net) features a variety of new entries that many people have never heard before. Some of these jobs -- at least the duties -- have been around in some form for a while. What's new is a "professional pathway" for these careers, according to employment expert and author Laurence Shatkin. "O*Net officially recognizes job titles once there is a critical mass of workers in those jobs and a clear road map for attaining the positions," he says.
Sortfolio : Find a great web designer by style, budget, and location.
Kuo Design | Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers
Site com todas as capas de revistas que Steve Jobs já figurou. Muito bacana.
52 ways to make extra money - Smart Spending Blog - MSN Money
Interview Myths That Keep You From Landing the Job
Job interview tips
Google Searches for Staffing Answers -
People leave because they are under used!
Google began crunching data from employee reviews and promotion and pay histories in a formula Google says can identify which employees are most likely to quit.
Idea for business alliance
Current and former Googlers said the company is losing talent because some employees feel they can't make the same impact as the company matures.
Concerned a brain drain could hurt its long-term ability to compete, Google Inc. is tackling the problem with its typical tool: an algorithm. The Internet search giant recently began crunching data from employee reviews and promotion and pay histories in a mathematical formula Google says can identify which of its 20,000 employees are most likely to quit.
algorithm to calculate people who might leave the firm; "underused" employees
How to Deliver a Great Presentation Like Steve Jobs
Newspaper circulation - The Wall Street Journal Online
this chart rocks
Parce que la visualisation est présente absolument partout et qu'elle peut être relativement parlante, en voici une...
Track events (bankruptcy, layoffs, closings, etc.) and readership at the top 100 newspapers (by circulation)
Welcome to
incubated by dreamIt ventures somewhat similar to my internboard idea
5 Examples of Beautiful Resume/CV Templates | Nettuts+
Awesome Resume/CV Templates!!!!
Ryan Grim: Read the Never-Before-Published Letter From LSD-Inventor Albert Hofmann to Apple CEO Steve Jobs
Hofmann penned a never-before-disclosed letter in 2007 to Jobs at the behest of his friend Rick Doblin, who runs an organization dedicated to studying the medical and psychiatric benefits of psychedelic drugs.
Jobs, Hoffman, LSD
Tips from a headhunter
How To Design a Clean and Professional Resume / CV Website | Voosh Themes
Earlier in the week I released a new HTML template called Jamba which is a single page resume and CV template. In this post I'd like to show you how I designed the template in Photoshop (check out the Jamba features page and the live demo). Befo
How to design a resume. (for future referrence)
Earlier in the week I released a new HTML template called Jamba which is a single page resume and CV template. In this post I’d like to show you how I designed the template in Photoshop (check out the Jamba features page and the live demo). Before we get started though, let’s quickly cover what needs to be included in an online resume and CV design. There are a number of details that are obviously required such as your name, contact details (email and contact number), and ideally a warm and friendly photo of yourself. It’s also important to include other key areas such as the work experience you have, your academic background, any specific skills you’ve developed, and details of any other related achievements. You may want to include other things as well, but most resumes and CVs will include these sorts of details. Given that potential employers are likely to be very busy they’ll probably only have time to scan the page – so, to avoid irritating them, it’s important that the essent
50 Terrific Twitter Tips for Job Seekers | MBA Jobs
Y algunos otros consejos para el diseño de página personal de Twitter
use ful data for new user in twitter
Great tips for being professional on Twitter and also some good tweet tools for jobseekers
stone: Leonardo da Vinci's Resume
read this, should be a goodie
SEED.COM - Where Your Content Flourishes
Seed本质上是一个内容管理系统,其运作模式和威客比较类似,也有不同之处。用户在Seed上注册后(目前仅限于美国境内的用户注册),可以查看目前 AOL所需要的各类文章或者原创图片、音频和视频内容等,以及相应的报酬。用户可以接单和提交作品,一旦你的文章或相片被AOL选用,你就会得到相应的报酬。同时,用户还可以像AOL推荐自己的原创作品,同样当AOL选用后,也会得到相应的报酬。
Seed is AOL's open content submission platform where professional writers, photographers and other can submit their content for publication on AOL's leading network of websites.
assertTrue( ): Nine Questions to Ask during a Job Interview
Nine Questions to Ask during a Job Interview
50 Freelance Job Sites For Designers & Programmers – Best Of | Web 2.0
28 Questions You Wish You Asked the Manager During the Job Interview | JavaWorld's Daily Brew
# What will I be expected to accomplish the first three months? # What projects will I work on? How will I be transitioned to new projects after existing projects are over? # How much overtime has this team been doing in the last three months? What's typical? What's acceptable? How does the company respond after a time-crunch is over? (If you ask directly, "Do you encourage work/life balance?" naturally they'll respond "Sure!" Instead, ask a specific question to find out if that "Sure
Preguntas que hacer en una entrevista y cosas que no hacer en una entrevista de trabajo
How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America - The Atlantic (March 2010)
The Great Recession may be over, but this era of high joblessness is probably just beginning. Before it ends, it will likely change the life course and character of a generation of young adults. It will leave an indelible imprint on many blue-collar men. It could cripple marriage as an institution in many communities. It may already be plunging many inner cities into a despair not seen for decades. Ultimately, it is likely to warp our politics, our culture, and the character of our society for years to come.
10 Google Interview Questions » My Tech Interviews
Interesting puzzles.
10-resume-red-flags: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Give Your Resume A Creative Boost | Onextrapixel - Showcasing Web Treats Without Hitch
give your resume a creative boost
What if one day you decide that it’s time to have a change, and want to try for another creative job? What if you are a student, looking for a design internship? What if you are a fresh graduate, hoping to apply for your first job at a design agency? You could be any one of the above. No matter what your situation is, it is always prudent to have a well crafted resume to call upon when needed. It is your ticket to new job opportunities and clients. Give Your Resume A Creative Boost Image from: hellotkt Your resume's not just a list of achievements and your education history, it is also the first and the most crucial step to opening the door of communication with the company you are applying to. Your resume represents who you are and what you know, but most importantly, it must be able to communicate that effectively. Therefore it is definitely worth investing your time to give special attention to its design and content. There are plenty of resume writing resources on the web, b
5 Foolproof Ways to Produce a Burning Desire for Your Goals | Zen Habits
goal setting, motivation
45 Creative Resumes to Sieze Attention | Inspiration
Creative Resumes
Are you one of those job seekers who have been sending far too many resumes and been hit with far too many disappointment? The problem may not lie with your qualification or skills set. Employer filters tons of resumes on daily basis, only the outstanding ones get noticed. creative resumes A creative resume is fairly important. Not only it resembles your personality, it also speaks your capability and creativity. Putting more effort and thoughts into creating an impressive resume is definitely worthwhile, as it is usually the first thing any employer sees before flipping through your entire portfolio. Today we want to bring to your attention a collective of 45 creative and beautiful resumes that will definitely impress an employer. Let’s not take any chances to let your dream job slip away (again). Full list after jump. Curriculum Vitae by Jonny-Rocket A CV that probably laid the author the job and great at attracting attention among several hundred applicants. Curriculum_Vitae-by
Do A Total Background Check On Yourself - The Consumerist
List of multiple agencies that have information about you
101 Essential Resources For Freelancers | Applicant - The Advice Bank
# Must Read Articles For Freelancers # Blogs Freelancers Should Subscribe To # Forums For Freelancers # Where To Find Freelancing Gigs # Useful Tools For Freelancers # Freelancer Survey Results
Fiverr – The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5
The place for people to share things they're willing to do for $5 Buy. Sell. Have fun.
Fiverr is a place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5: Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Advertising, Technology, Business, Programming and more!
Five Networking Tips for Wallflowers | Dumb Little Man
The Savvy Networker
h the state of ease that lets an "f-bomb" escape your lips, you've gone too far.
It's a rather sad state of affairs that a list like this has to even exist.
Some of these really left me speechless - I cannot believe that people actually do them in an interview situation. Worth a read, though - especially if you're having a tough time job hunting.
Forget Facebook: 50 Social Sites for the Serious Student and Job Seeker - Career Overview
Forget Facebook: 50 Social Sites for the Serious Student and Job Seeker
The Best Jobs In America
Problematic gender representation. Design is confusing: what are the units? color coding could have benefited with key directly underneath.
50 Worst of the Worst (and Most Common) Job Interview Mistakes - Yahoo! Finance
Bad habits in interviewing
50 Worst of the Worst (and Most Common) Job Interview Mistakes
Simple list of 50 things you shouldn't do on your job interview- such as : Don't badmouth your old boss, and don't smell like smoke.
A bit Americanised but some good (and funny) tips for interviews.
The Jobs Of Yesteryear: Obsolete Occupations : NPR
Old professions
kewlchops: Not quite what I had in mind.
Bugger! Really REALLY sorry about this. Can't believe how brutally George was treated.
Flickr anställd blir sparkad
Laying of George Oates
George rules.
Whoa! George Oates got hit by the Yahoo! layoffs.
George Oates on the Yahoo/Flickr layoff
(It would be unfair to give anyone affected by the lay-offs special treatment.) It's not just my treatment I worry about here. Such a sudden movement makes it especially hard to continue the program effectively, at least for a while. So silly. I sent a few tersely helpful emails before my email account was closed. Couldn't resist. Don't let The Commons die, you buggers! Can't you see how wonderful it is?!?!?
What Makes A Great Cover Letter, According To Companies? - Smashing Magazine
Ah, the dreaded cover letter. Boring to write, difficult to get right, and you’re usually preoccupied by other things (such as the portfolio and resume, which are also really important).  Unfortunately, your cover letter is a company’s first exposure to you, and it determines whether your application is trashed or fast-tracked to the company’s to-hire list.
12 Indirect Job Interview Questions & What They Really Reveal
most firms ask slightly different questions and have their own method of interviewing. Today, we explore twelve common indirect questions that employers often ask and the motivation behind them.
myJambi | Marketplace
Helps you find work.
11-Ways-to-Get-Extra-Cash: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
from "Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance"
Good to know. Everybody's Broke! lolol
70+ Most Artistic and Creative Resumes Of All Time
When it comes to job hunting, the first thing which comes to our mind is a resume. And when we think of creating a resume, we mostly think of something that is clean and contains every bit of information to impress the employers.
most are bunk but look thru
Interview Questions Every Developer should ask an Employer
Focused on C#, ASP but still a good read
Finding the perfect part-time work - Manage Your Life on Shine
Getty Images Part-time work is on the rise, and it's no surprise. People are taking on extra jobs to make up for hours or income lost, an out-of-work partner, or even a business facing hard times. But part-time jobs can me more than a stop-gap…
assertTrue( ): One of the toughest job-interview questions ever
I mentioned in a previous post that I once interviewed for a job at a well-known search company. One of the five people who interviewed me asked a question that resulted in an hour-long discussion: "Explain how you would develop a frequency-sorted list of the ten thousand most-used words in the English language." I'm not sure why anyone would ask that kind of question in the course of an interview for a technical writing job (it's more of a software-design kind of question), but it led to a lively discussion, and I still think it's one of the best technical-interview questions I've ever heard. Ask yourself: How would you answer that question?
I mentioned in a previous post that I once interviewed for a job at a well-known search company. One of the five people who interviewed me asked a question that resulted in an hour-long discussion: "Explain how you would develop a frequency-sorted list of the ten thousand most-used words in the English language."
The author talks about a question he got at a job interview, and goes on to provide a reasonable recap/discussion about hash tables. This is generally the kind of answer I look for when I ask similar questions. 9/10 candidates I talk with can't actually discuss a hash function, and don't know how to create one.
Using Twitter and Facebook to Find a Job - TIME,8599,1903083,00.html
This article in Time magizine explains how social networking has changed the way people approach job searching.
Online social networks from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn are the new power tools for today\'s job seekers » Blog Archive » How to use Twitter to find your next job.
FYI - retweeting is the art of broadcasting a message on Twitter that has been written by someone else but you feel will be of interest and value to your followers.. think of it as a kind of mini chain mail but one that has a use and purpose and doesn’t tell you that you’re going to die if you don’t send this email to 20,000 people in the next 12 seconds.
Blog post on networking to find a job using Twitter
Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate a Raise, Corporate Culture Article - Inc. Article
Great article on Fog Creek Software's founder's views, thoughts and implementation advice of a more objective and transparent compensation structure for his employees.
Lifehacker - Create a Log to Keep Track of Your Job Search - Downloads
If you've submitted more resumes to more places than you can possibly remember, it's time to start keeping a log of where and when you've applied to each job.
Job Search: Write a Resume that Lands an Interview
10 Improvements You Can Make to Your Resume Right Now - Stepcase Lifehack
I spent several years behind a desk at an employment agency. The first thing we would ask any client was how recently they had updated their resume. The
The Savvy Networker- Yahoo! HotJobs
10 phrases that kill a resume
Thoughts on Flash
Steve Jobs announcement about why Apple doesn't support Flash
A New Employer: 8 Steps to Put Your Best Foot Forward - Stepcase Lifehack
Web 2.0 Tactics for Successful Job-Hunting - Business Center - PC World
With unemployment at a 14-year high and 240,000 workers laid off in October alone, many Americans are scrambling to update their resumes and turning to job boards and networking sites. Some are panicking as they try to devise new ways to get in front of employers. But even in trying times like these, prospective employees shouldn't completely reinvent their job-seeking styles. Indeed, much of the tried-and-true career advice we've all heard is relevant in your next job search. To outshine your competitors and win the gig in today's economy , here's a secret to success: Don't abandon the steadfast career tips passed down from generations, but rather, refine them -- with a keen eye for the value in Web 2.0 tools like social networking. Whether you're one of many IT professionals out of work or among the few making career leaps despite rocky economic times, consider these five ways to express your candidacy with flair.
100 Web Tools to Help You Boost Your Resume and Reputation During the Recession | Best Universities
Boost Your Resume and Reputation During the Recession | Best Universities
good list of useful 3rd party apps
10 Free Professional HTML and CSS CV/Resume Templates - Speckyboy Design Magazine
Speckyboy Design Magazine
Jay Fields' Thoughts: Questions To Ask an Interviewer
Jay Fields' Thoughts: Questions To Ask an Interviewer
3 Useful Websites for Free Downloadable Resume Templates
There are a lot of people out there looking for work nowadays. With the economy the way it is, people who are out of work are having a hard time finding new work and kids out of college are having a really hard time starting out. So, you can use all the help you can get. I am going to show you a few sites where you can grab free downloadable resume templates. Some of the templates are in PDF format and some of them are in Word format. The first thing you should do is grab an old copy of your resumé or a list of your past jobs and accomplishments. That will help you immensely when you need to replace the generic information with your own. The first site I found has very generic templates that will allow you to totally customize the resumé. This is just for the formatting, there is little to no content that you will be able to use. These are called Blank Resumé Templates and can be found here: They offer thr
Top Job Boards for Web Developers and Designers | Web Resources | WebAppers
Are you a freelancer? Would you like to find some freelance works related to Web Development or Web Design? There are loads of job boards out there, but how many of them are actually built for web developers and designers? And How many of them are acutally popular? Here is a list of the top job boards for web developers and designers.
10 Golden Lessons From Steve Jobs
useful info
Well! This is my thoughts of the day “To have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”
Google Layoffs - 10,000 Workers Affected
Note, you don’t want to hire most of those laid off. Most permanent Googlers were “managing” projects (e.g, taking 4 day weekends and showing up to work only to eat the free food and showed up barely to 1 or 2 meetings per week). The temps that were there for more than a year learned the same laziness and worthless work ethic. If you’re looking for people with no real experience and who think it’s okay to steal a tray of bottle water provided by the company for everyone to drink… then go ahead and hire a Googler. Otherwise, be really careful and interview really in-depth about what they can and cannot do (and verify it).
Google has been quietly laying off staff and up to 10,000 jobs could be on the chopping block according to sources. Since August, hundreds of employees have been laid off and there are reports that about 500 of them were recruiters for Google. By law, Google is required to report layoffs publicly and with the SEC however, Google has managed to get around the legal requirement. In fact, one of the ways Google was able to meet Wall Street’s Q3 earnings expectations was by trimming “operational” expenses. Google reports to the SEC that it has 20,123 employees but in reality it has 30,000. Why the discrepancy? Google classifies 10,000 of the employees as temporary operational expenses or “workers”. Google co-founder Sergey Brin said, “There is no question that the number (of workers) is too high”. There is no question the economic downturn is hitting Google hard and with the slowdown in online advertising, their troubles are just beginning.
Google has been quietly laying off staff and up to 10,000 jobs could be on the chopping block according to sources.
Twitter Tips: How to Use Twitter to Job Hunt - - Business Technology Leadership
Though LinkedIn tops the list of professionally-oriented social networks for job seeking, you can also use Twitter to get the word out about your skills and talents to relevant people in your industry.
Good read: How to use Twitter to job hunt: [from]
Twitter Tips: How to Use Twitter to Job Hunt
孫社長、発売時囲み取材でiPhone交渉経緯を語る | iPhone 3G Wiki blog
13 Essential Tips for Landing a Job on LinkedIn
Tips para encontrar trabajo en LinkedIN
7-things-you-should-say-in-an-interview: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
速報:スティーブ・ジョブズ インタビュー@ D8
40 Sites for Finding Web Design Jobs | Vandelay Design Blog
In the current economy there are a lot of designers and developers looking for work, whether it is full-time employment, contract work, or freelance opportunities. Fortunately, there are a number of great places to find these types of positions. In this post we'll look at 40 sites that include specialized job boards that include web/graphic design and web development opportunities. Best Places to Find Web/Graphic Design Jobs: Authentic Jobs A very active job board used by a lot of recognized and respected agencies. Includes freelance and full-time opportunities.
21-things-hiring-managers-wish-you-knew: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Great job advice article!
te testen
Helping people connect through recommendations and endorsements.
Have an overflow of job requests and looking to pass on the work to your network? Or are you looking to find a reputable contact who is an expert at a specific skill? Connecting with Endorse allows you to do all that and more...
How Steve Jobs beats presentation panic | Business Center | Working Mac | Macworld
presentation tips
“Our networks in here are always unpredictable, so...I have no idea what we're going to find,” he said. “They are slow today.” What Jobs did next, according to Carmine Gallo, author of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, was vintage Jobs (and a model for how presenters should deal with stage crises): He did not panic. He did not look hot under the collar of his trademark turtleneck. His hours of practice and intimate knowledge of every inch of every slide made him comfortable enough so that he could jump around to another part of the presentation (in this case, to look at photos).
A VC: 10 Ways To Be Your Own Boss
The folks at Behance and Cool Hunting asked me to talk at their 99% Conference a couple months ago. The 99% conference is aimed at creative professionals and is focused on Edison's "99% perspiration." And in the spirit of how...
You probably should watch @avc talk about 10 ways to be your own boss: and follow him.
YouTube - The Google Job Experiment
Pay per click and how it is actually supposed to work sdfkjsadk
Portfolio Ideas
Steve Jobs Offers World 'Freedom From Porn' - Apple - Gawker
"I didn't plan to pick a fight with Steve Jobs last night. It just sort of happened: An iPad advertisement ticked me off; I sent the Apple CEO an angry email; he told me about "freedom from porn." [...] The electronic debate proceeded from there." Gawker journalist Ryan Tate accidentally gets into an e-mail debate with Steve Jobs. Fascinating stuff.
Petits échanges de mails entre Steve Jobs et un journaliste de Gizmodo au sujet des choix de Apple (en)
Rare is the CEO who will spar one-on-one with customers and bloggers like this. Jobs deserves big credit for breaking the mold of the typical American executive, and not just because his company makes such hugely superior products: Jobs not only built and then rebuilt his company around some very strong opinions about digital life, but he's willing to defend them in public. Vigorously. Bluntly. At two in the morning on a weekend. As much as Jobs and his actions anger me, and as harsh as I was to him, I came away from the exchange impressed with his willingness to engage. Apple has never tried to argue that cross-compiled Flash wears batteries down any more quickly than other Objective C code, and in fact approved more than two dozen such apps before changing its policies.
"What have you done that's so great? Do you create anything, or just criticize others work and belittle their motivations?"
"Rare is the CEO who will spar one-on-one with customers and bloggers like this. Jobs deserves big credit for breaking the mold of the typical American executive, and not just because his company makes such hugely superior products: Jobs not only built and then rebuilt his company around some very strong opinions about digital life, but he's willing to defend them in public. Vigorously. Bluntly. At two in the morning on a weekend."
8 Questions to Ask When Interviewing at a Startup
Job interviews are meant to be conversations. The interviewer asks some questions and the interviewee does the same. It’s never a good sign when an interviewee doesn’t have any questions. It shows a lack of interest. This is particularly true when interviewing for a startup job because there tend to be so many more unknowns at startups compared to more established, bigger organizations.
«What are the startup’s plans for the next 6-12 months? What are the key metrics for success in the next 6-12 months? What’s the competition like?»
Never Read Another Resume
hiring people
BEFORE HIRING: 1. Hire late -- alleviate pain 2. Skip over the perfect catch if we don't have any open positions 3. Operate at the limits of your organization -- get more done with fewer resources 4. Smaller team keeps you focused -- focus on things you have to do 5. Need someone? Have you already tried to do the job yourself? HIRING: 1. Ignore resumes 2. Cover letters say it all (this job or any job? who can write?) 3. Always hire the better writer 4. We look for effort (custom website) 5. Ask questions. Ask why questions. Avoid How questions. 6. Test-drive people for a week, $1,500. 7. Never let geography get in the way.
I'd like to share a bit about how we go about hiring at 37signals. Hiring is something we rarely do -- we're intentionally small at 20 people -- but we've developed a method that has worked very well for us. It allows us to find the right people and keep them happy. In 11 years, only two people have left the company -- and one recently returned after working elsewhere for seven years. (Welcome back, Scott!)
"First, we hire late. We hire after it hurts. We hire to alleviate pain, not for pleasure. Who hires for pleasure? Any company that hires people before it needs them is hiring for pleasure. I've run into a lot of companies that invent positions for great people just so they don't get away. But hiring people when you don't have real work for them is insulting to them and hurtful to you. Great people want to work on things that matter. How do you know if you really need someone? A good rule of thumb is this: Have you already tried to do the job yourself? If you haven't done the job, you don't really understand the job. Without that fundamental understanding, it's hard to judge what constitutes a job well done. What we do look at are cover letters. Cover letters say it all. They immediately tell you if someone wants this job or just any job. And cover letters make something else very clear: They tell you who can and who can't write."
How to get hired | Derek Sivers
How to Make an American Job Before It's Too Late: Andy Grove - Bloomberg
The scaling process is no longer happening in the U.S. And as long as that’s the case, plowing capital into young companies that build their factories elsewhere will continue to yield a bad return in terms of American jobs.
Andy Grove writes interesting/controversial piece arguing for protectionism and other techniques to generate American jobs.
Fantastic piece from the former CEO of Intel on the problems with focusing on profit-margins over jobs. The possible decline of Silicon Valley looks rather similar to the collapse of manufacturing that the UK went through in the late-70s and 80s. The challenge for us is to work out how to recover from that problem.
How it works nowadays: successful companies rarely make what they create.
Startups are a wonderful thing, but they cannot by themselves increase tech employment. Equally important is what comes after that mythical moment of creation in the garage, as technology goes from prototype to mass production. This is the phase where companies scale up. They work out design details, figure out how to make things affordably, build factories, and hire people by the thousands. Scaling is hard work but necessary to make innovation matter. The scaling process is no longer happening in the U.S. And as long as that’s the case, plowing capital into young companies that build their factories elsewhere will continue to yield a bad return in terms of American jobs.
Today, manufacturing employment in the U.S. computer industry is about 166,000 -- lower than it was before the first personal computer, the MITS Altair 2800, was assembled in 1975. Meanwhile, a very effective computer-manufacturing industry has emerged in Asia, employing about 1.5 million workers -- factory employees, engineers and managers. The largest of these companies is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., also known as Foxconn. The company has grown at an astounding rate, first in Taiwan and later in China. Its revenue last year was $62 billion, larger than Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Dell Inc. or Intel. Foxconn employs more than 800,000 people, more than the combined worldwide head count of Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard Co., Intel and Sony Corp.
Die langweiligen Industrie-Jobs sind doch gar nicht so doof.
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