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Jo JavaScript Application Framework for HTML5

jo is a lightweight JavaScript framework designed for HTML5 apps. jo does * Embrace JavaScript's object model and loosely typed nature * Leverage CSS3 to handle as much of the pretty presentation and animation as possible * Provide a consistent and modular event model between objects * Wrap DOM and device-specific events into a cohesive gesture system * Insulate developers from different persistent storage solutions * Play nicely with other libraries like PhoneGap jo doesn't * Use a lot of resources * Depend on other frameworks * Have a lot of browser dependent code * Require detailed knowledge of the DOM * Force you to deeper into its framework than you want to go * Use $ and other arcane looking symbols in place of proper identifiers Author Dave Balmer:, follow @balmer on Twitter, or email Downloads Available from GitHub as a git repo or a zip file. Philosophy If you want to jam an exi