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'Immortal' jellyfish swarming across the world - Telegraph

The Turritopsis Nutricula is able to revert back to a juvenile form once it mates after becoming sexually mature. Marine biologists say the jellyfish numbers are rocketing because they need not die. Dr Maria Miglietta of the Smithsonian Tropical Marine Institute said: "We are looking at a worldwide silent invasion."
if the word swarming were 'taking over'; I'd be worshipping my new tentacle overlords.
ok, this is curious:
So uh... time to figure out how they do that and sequence it into humans. Right?
Turritopsis nutricula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"a species of jellyfish that can live indefinitely"
Turritopsis nutricula is a small (5mm) species of jellyfish which uses transdifferentiation to become younger after sexual reproduction. This cycle can repeat indefinitely, rendering it biologically immortal. It originates from the Caribbean sea, but has now spread around the world.
Biologically immortal jellyfish
The world's only immortal animal | Yahoo! Green
RT @EHillBurns: Jellyfish "can regenerate its entire body" repeatedly RT @JLVernonPhD: A must tweet! The world's only immortal animal ht ...
Oh, crap... "Worldwide silent invasion" of immortal jellyfish: Why didn't something fluffy discover eternal life?
The world's only immortal animal | Yahoo! Green