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this is project management lingo

'Come to Beavis Meeting'? Hilarious.
Hilarious/scary (via Steve Portigal)
Web Nerd Terminology (Explained)
Esta enlace es para aprender terminos
Great technology glossary to use when explaining Web technology to the less-initiated…
Rands In Repose: The Words You Wear
many good points in this post , steal it for the script!!!
"In business, words are like fashion. You try a word on because important people around you are saying it and getting results, but you may not actually know what it means. Every group in the company has their own unique set of words and every group uses these words to verbally define who they are, what they know, and what they own. These words, these phrases, have value when everyone is in agreement as to what they mean, but used outside of your part of the organization, their value decreases, especially the closer you get to engineering."
This is you think you’re saying, but this is what we’re hearing. Corporate Crap.
Heads-up — “You’re screwed.”
New Programming Jargon — Global Nerdy