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ISTE’s NECC09 Blog | Celebrating 30 Years of Ed Tech Vision

The biggest back channel for the upcomming ISTE NECC conference. Definitely watch this and join the twitterverse
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Welcome - ISTEvision
ISTE vision for videos from NECC
videos from ISTE
ISTE | NETS for Teachers
National Educational Technology Standarts
This site is awesome, it even gives the teacher the standards. This site would be useful for the teacher due to the fact it is easy to log on to, very easy to navigate and it provides tons of useful information.
ISTE | NETS for Administrators 2009
Administrators play a pivotal role in determining how well technology is used in our schools. The NETS for Administrators enable us to define what administrators need to know and be able to do in order to discharge their responsibility as leaders in the effective use of technology in our schools.
critical-thinking - home
by Howard Reingold Moving beyond skills to literacies (skills + community)
crap detection 101- Howard Rheingold
ISTE Learning
RT @mcarls: RT .@smack3131: RT .@kylepace: ISTE's new professional development site - #iste10
What Is ISTE Learning?ISTE Learning is an anytime, anywhere online community for professional development where educators can sample free concepts, buy cool resources and exchange creative ideas. This space provides relevant learning experiences in multiple formats to strengthen the teaching experience and grow digital literacy.
sigilt - Favorite Web 2.0 Tools
Winter 2010 Newsletter a list of our members favorite Web 2.0 Tools
web 2.o sites
This is a great list of Web 2.0 tools compiled by teachers #chickenweb20tools – Mary Beth Hertz (mbteach)
Web tools- Sent by Carol Tinney LPS
A support page for the presentation "Cure What Ails You: A Dose of Twitter for Every Day of the School Year"
This presentation provides an in-depth overview of the micro-blogging tool, Twitter. The links to the tips, tricks, tools, research, and other items included in the presentation are listed below.
Best content in ISTE 2010 | Diigo - Groups
links from ISTE 2010
Twitter and backchanneling sessions only capture information for finite periods of time. This site will be used to store all of the great links and resources discovered through ISTE 2010 (Jun 27-30, 2010).