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drplokta: Imminent Death of the Net Predicted

"Some more Googling eventually found RFC3484, which relates to DNS resolution in IPV6, but part of which is back-ported to IPV4. Vista is apparently the first major client OS to implement it, specifically section 6 rule 9. That specifies that the selection of an address from multiple A records is no longer random, but instead the destination address which shares the most prefix bits with the source address is selected, presumably on the basis that it's in some sense "closer" in the network. / Now, this may well make sense in IPV6 (I don't know enough about it to comment), but it's an insane algorithm to use in IPV4. First, the Internet is not laid out that way. As any comic artist can tell you, Europe does have a nice block from to, but it also has chunks from 193-195 and 212-213, plus there's lots of geographically random stuff between 128 and 172. / But second, and more important, very few Windows client PCs actually have public IP addresses"
Braindamage in Vista DNS resolver. Microsoft breaks the internet again, by implementing RFC of its own creation.