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13 iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers | Webdesigner Depot

Excellen list of cool iPhone apps for photographers and graphic designers
13 iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers | Webdesigner Depot -
The 35 Best iPhone Apps Of The Year (So Far)
This guest post was written by Alex Ahlund, founder of AppVee. AppVee has been doing in-depth reviews of applications since the launch ...
30 Best Free iPhone Photo & Video Applications | Tools
Nine Awesome iPhone Apps for Business - ReadWriteEnterprise
Maybe it's odd to be recommending iPhone apps right now, with the house of cards that is the confused App Store policy falling down on Apple's head. But ...
Übersicht über iPhone-Applikationen fürs Geschäftsleben; die meisten kostenlos.
Mentions FreshBooks for time tracking on iphone
Nine awesome iPhone apps for business (via @rww): #fb [from]
Free iPhone Apps - - Gizmodo
iPhone Apps List 2010: 700+ Apps Reviewed by Category
List of iPhone applications
iPhone Twitter App Battlemodo: Best and Worst Twitter Apps for iPhone
When the App Store launched, there were a handful of Twitter apps for the iPhone. Now there's ten zillion. We've read thousands of tweets on every Twitter app, so here are the best, and worst.
Great read - best and worst twitter apps for iPhone
Best free app is Twitterfon, IMO
Mobile Marketing: Just Having an iPhone App Isn't Enough - Advertising Age - Digital
Also some good links to app websites....
"There's a myth that there's easy money out there... Most apps don't make any money, so it's really about publicity." Increasingly, apps have to be supported by traditional marketing; otherwise they have little chance of making it to many iPhone screens. "The App Store is not a marketing vehicle; it is a distribution vehicle." It's also critical not to rush an app to market. Unlike a website, a buggy app can't easily be updated, and can sabotage users' experience.
SnapTell: Instant Product Lookup From The iPhone. You Want This.
100 Incredibly Useful & Free iPhone Apps | iPhone.AppStorm
The best part of the iTunes App Store is that you don't need to spend a single cent to fill your iPhone with amazing applications. There are tons of developers