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18 Really Beautiful and Creative Web Designs | TutZone – 10 Excellent About Pages from Designer Portfolios

Portfolio sites are primarily intended to showcase the work of the designer, but they also provide an opportunity for potential clients to get to know more about the designer and to feel a personal connection. Clients generally prefer to work with someone that they like personally, not just someone who has the technical skills to get the job done. Having an About Page that does an effective job of connecting with potential clients can go a long way towards having a steady flow of new work. In this post we'll take a look at 10 examples of About Pages from designer portfolio sites. Mr. Joe Payton Joe Payton's About Page includes illustrations to go along with the different stages of his bio.
Inspiration - 25 Different, Creative Site Designs | Think Design
Think Design collection of beautiful website layouts.
Inspiration - 25 Different, Creative Site Designs