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Tracking US Airways Flight 1549 - Interactive Graphic -

Very clever, useful and informative infographic of the US Air 1549 Plane Crash into the Hudson River in New York City.
Great NYT interactive infographic style overview of the US Airways crash on the Hudson River.
I'm a bit late on this, but it's yet another fantastic interactive graphic from the New York Times showing the water landing of flight 1549.
Informative interactive feature
Gridplane : Visualizing information flow in science
Interactive visualizations based on the Eigenfactor™ Metrics and hierarchical clustering to explore emerging patterns in citation networks. A cooperation between the Eigenfactor Project (data analysis) and Moritz Stefaner (visualization).
Interactive visualizations based on the Eigenfactor™ Metrics and hierarchical clustering to explore emerging patterns in citation networks.
Taking Apart the $819 billion Stimulus Package -
thought you might be interested in this
The centerpiece of President Obama's domestic agenda is an $819 billion economic stimulus plan. The Senate will consider the measure this week, with an eye toward the amount of tax cuts and spending. Republicans and Democrats spar over what to consider a tax cut. An analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office tallies the tax-cut portion to be significantly less than the one-third Democrats claim it to be.
The Washington Post's breakdown of the stimulus package.
not the clearest visualization. could benefit from some compactness, perhaps via mouse interaction/exploration. but definitely a lot of good research and data in here.
SEED - The Universe in '09
In 2009, we are celebrating curiosity and creativity with a dynamic look at the very best ideas that give us reason for optimism. Rethink your assumptions and pose better questions about the future: Welcome to The Universe in 2009.
The home page for SEED Magazine is inviting, making me want to click around and read a couple of articles.
Synoptic - We aint plastic
wow. very smooth.
meteorological data, Germany
Experience weather in a new way
website with good graphs/charts/grids
Cool stuff, more data based than xplane
A Completely Unscientific (Yet Accurate) Look at Social Sites
A review of Social Sites
Interested in joining a community based site but not sure which one is right for you? There are many different options out there that will cater to your specific interests and demographic. You can start by asking yourself a few questions. Is your interest in technology more Linux-based, or more camera-phone-to-take-picture-of-self-based? Would you like to make connections for business relationships or communicate to your legions of followers that you will be 'AFK' for the next 45 seconds while using the restroom? Yes, there is a little something for everyone here in cyberspace, and these demographic breakdowns of each social site will help you to choose the right community for you.
resume-infographic.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200x927 pixels)
Visual representation of a resume
Pretty cool and makes sense to me.
27 Visualizations and Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis | FlowingData
to understand the financial world crisis
SXSW 2009 Twitter Visualizer
A Twitter-based project that takes the pulse of SXSWi 2009
Data Visualization Is Reinventing Online Storytelling - Advertising Age - DigitalNext
Data Visualization
Today's consumer seems to have an insatiable appetite for information, but until recently making sense of all of that raw data was too daunting for most. Enter the new "visual scientists" who are turning bits and bytes of data -- once purely the domain of mathematicians and coders -- into stories for our digital age.
A nice round up of teh ideas and some great examples
Advertising Age - DigitalNext
Economic Recovery Dashboard - Helping Advisors
Economic Recovery Dashboard - Helping Advisors
To help you talk to your clients, we've identified a few key economic and market indicators to help assess the current economic health and trend.
Chart of leading and lagging economic indicators giving current numbers and historical information.
Maps: Migration Flows in the United States
Mooie interactieve inforgraphic. Check de states tab: live feedback in infographic als je over een staat mouseOvert.
Data Visualizations: 5 Beautiful Social Media Videos
Data visualizations are a wonderful way to display the interactions between large groups of people within a network. Virtual places like Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr can be easier understood when you see a visual representation of their inner workings. We’ve chosen five fresh videos that visualize various social media ecosystems.
Visualizing social media in very interesting ways
50 great examples of infographics -
Bem interessante.
collective screen of various news feeds
37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About | FlowingData
You might not know it, but there are actually a ton of data and visualization blogs out there. I'm a bit of a feed addict subscribing to just about anything with a chart or a mention of statistics on it (and naturally have to do some feed-cleaning every now and then). In a follow up to my short list last year, here are the data-ish blogs, some old and some new, that continue to post interesting stuff.
40 Useful and Creative Infographics
Six Revisions
Axiis : Data Visualization Framework
우아한 차트를 만들어주는 프레임웍이란다
50 Great Examples of Data Visualization | Webdesigner Depot
Kevin: As the post says: "50 of the best data visualizations and tools for creating your own visualizations out there, covering everything from Digg activity to network connectivity to what’s currently happening on Twitter."
Haven't gone through these yet. Found link via DIGG InfoVis
Data visualization
GOOD Transparencies Archive - a set on Flickr
really amazing and beautiful charts and data visuality from GOOD magazine.
GOOD Magaine infographics inspiration
GOOD Transparencies Archive - a set on Flickr
Flickr est certainement la meilleure application de gestion et de partage de photos en ligne au monde. Montrez vos photos et vos vidéos préférées au monde entier. Montrez, en toute sécurité et en toute confidentialité, vos photos et vos vidéos à vos amis et à votre famille. Et mettez les photos et les vidéos prises avec votre téléphone portable sur un blog.
GOOD Transparencies Archive
Infographics - I'm a sucker for infographics
Des transparents, comme à l'époque de l'école primaire.
Taking a New Look at Health : GE
java visualizer, cool information graphics
really nice website that makes numbers and stats clear to see
Largest Bankruptcies
InfoGraphic Designs: Overview, Examples and Best Practices | Showcases | instantShift
Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used where complex information needs to be , Daily Resource for Web Designers and Developers.
Best practices for designing infographics followed by some examples which might help you learn a thing or two.
Andres Ross from has written an article about information graphics entitled: InfoGraphic Designs: Overview, Examples and Best Practices. He starts with answering the questions “What is InfoGraphics” and “Why using InfoGraphics”. Then goes on with to telling a bit about its history and the different types that can be distinguished.
The Beauty of Infographics and Data Visualization | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
man.. yeah
Here in Brazil there's a magazine called "Super Interessante" (which had an Abduzeedo cover a little time ago), that always features some really cool infographics. This is a field that if you make things right, you got yourself inside a great
25+ Useful Infographics for Web Designers | Webdesigner Depot
A great collection of inforgraphics. Really inspiring.
Infographics can be a great way to quickly reference information. Instead of pouring over figures and long reports to decipher data, an infographic can
Flip Flop Fly Ball
"Essentially, this site is what I'd have been doing when I was 12 years old had the Internet and Photoshop been available to me in the eighties." Me, too.
Tons of baseball infographics, for every kind of Moneyball fan.
20 Visualizations to Understand Crime | FlowingData
There's a lot of crime data. For almost every reported crime, there's a paper or digital record of it somewhere, which means hundreds of thousands of data points - number of thefts, break-ins, assaults, and homicides as well as where and when the incidents occurred. With all this data it's no surprise that the NYPD (and more recently, the LAPD) took a liking to COMPSTAT, an accountability management system driven by data. While a lot of this crime data is kept confidential to respect people's privacy, there's still plenty of publicly available records. Here we take a look at twenty visualization examples that explore this data.
Flickr Photo Download: CALORIES
An interesting, attractive, and clear information graphic that just happens to feature stats that I think most people would like to know.
Most people don't really know how many calories their every day food contains. Or how hard they actually have to work to get rid of that extra energy. So make 2009 a year when you make conscious decisions and stop the weight to sneak up on you.
Flickr Photo Download: Resume infographic
Coffee Drinks Illustrated on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Side-by-side diagrams of a few common espresso drinks. Update: Source files -
Turning a Corner? - Interactive Graphic -
Statistics show hope: interesting as a visualization and as a prediction that the recovery is starting. I'll schedule a check up in six months
Fantastic illustration of business cycles
Brilliant interactive graphics on the economic cycle
Visual Economics - Financial Infographics & More
your.flowingdata / Capture your life in data.
I don't quite understand this one yet and they don't have any samples or examples on the site, but eventually, I will get to try it out.
Use your.flowingdata to collect data about yourself and your surroundings with Twitter. Record what you eat, when you go to sleep, how much television you watch, or whatever else you want. What you track is completely up to you.
Oh Snap! Our Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Shot By The Sartorialist -Refinery29 Pipeline-
a great and very funny diagram / flow chart, by Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi, design by Joshua Covarrubias, at the Pipeline ¶ by the way, we're a big fan of The Sartorialist
You know him. You love him. We do, too. But lest you think it's a snap getting expert Street Style lensman Scott Schuman of Sartorialist fame to spot you on the street, shoot you, AND post your pic on his site…well, think again. In fact, after perusing the past few months' worth of amazing street specimens preening for his expensive camera, we did pick up some interesting sartorial patterns at play. So, want a better shot at, well, getting shot by Scott? Here's our step-by-step guide to increasing the odds...and looking good doing it.
a flowchart
The Human's Development :: we ain't plastic
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human's development
BBC Memoryshare
NYC Subway Ridership, 1905-2006
Really nicely done. Via Shaunrx.
Gorgeous map of NYC subway ridership over time
How Different Groups Spend Their Day - Interactive Graphic -
Interactive Report which allows to filter by Age Group, Employment Status.
How Different Groups Spend Their Day - Interactive Graphic -
A really cool graph.
The American Time Use Survey asks thousands of American residents to recall every minute of a day. Here is how people over age 15 spent their time in 2008.
Information Is Beautiful | Ideas, issues, concepts, subjects - visualized!
15 Stunning Examples of Data Visualization | Web Design Ledger
Very cool stuff...
Data Visualization is a method of presenting information in a graphical form. Good data visualization should appear as if it is a work of art. This intrigues the viewer and draws them in so that they can further investigate the data and info that the graphic represents. In this post there are 15 stunning examples of Data Visualization that are true works of art.
How Different Groups Spend Their Day - Interactive Graphic -
super-interesting viz
If Twitter Consisted of 100 People [Gorgeous Graphics]
Great example of how gorgeous web graphics can be and impactful telling of story
Personas | Metropath(ologies) | An installation by Aaron Zinman
Who are you when you aren't there?
Personas is an art installation by Aaron Zinman that is a component of Metropath(ologies), an interactive exhibit by the Sociable Media Group, MIT Media Lab. Metropath(ologies) is by Alex Dragulescu, Yannick Assogba, Aaron Zinman under the direction of Prof. Judith Donath.
Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab. It uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one's aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you.
The Office of
Design inspiration (agency)
VC blog » Blog Archive » Information Visualization Manifesto
facilitate understanding and aid cognition
Le but de la visualisation est de donner un aperçu, pas des images, disait déjà Ben Shneiderman en 1999. Manuel Lima propose plusieurs critères à son manifeste qui découlent de ce constat : La forme suit la fonction, l'intéractivité comme clef, la puissance de la naration...
Infoviz is becoming more and more popular and, just as anything growing popular, also controversial. Here's a list with some good points on good information visualization.
planecrash960.gif (GIF Image, 960x3479 pixels)
Infographic - Reduce your odds of dying in a plane crash
Airline safety data visualization showing relative likelihood of fatality from plane to plane & airline to airline. Also shows that sitting in the rear is safest.
Your odds of dying in a plane crash.
American Vice: Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins
We're gluttons for infographics, and a team at Kansas State just served up a feast: maps of sin created by plotting per-capita stats on things like theft (envy) and STDs (lust). Christian clergy, likely noting the Bible Belt's status as Wrath Central, question the "science." Valid point—or maybe it's just the pride talking.
An interactive semantic view of
stunning compendium of work from via @bbhlabs
reMap: a project by Bestiario based on
Visual Complexity reMapped
Interface to
The Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions | Information Is Beautiful
Infographic: Hierarchy of Digital Distractions
Visualisation of distraction in the digital age. All far too true!
Excellent carto :-)
herrlich - kann ich voll bestätigen (via
Data Visualization and Infographics Resources | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
How to Design Buttons to Help Improve Usability - Inspect Element
Muy interesante sobre como hacer atractivos los botones de las páginas Web
25 Clear And Beautiful Comparison Tables | Web Design Tutorials | Creating a Website | Learn Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver
Theres no point in having an awesome website and an awesome product if your product comparison table is crap. It will throw people right off, and believe me I have seen some bad tables. Anyway here is a collection of the best product comparison tables handpicked by WebdesignDev.
Help full site
Good Night and Tough Luck - Abstract City Blog -
nice interesting infographics that serves as illustrations to a blog post about the difficulty of sleeping at night (children involved? yes!)
The illustrations and graphs are priceless (and hilarious)!
Fantastic comic about how hard getting a good nights sleep is.
10 Revealing Infographics about the Web
Some great graphics to use when demonstrating the different topics
Tracking Swine Flu Cases Worldwide - Interactive Graphic -
Health officials continue to report mild cases of swine flu throughout the United States and worldwide. Among the hundreds of confirmed infections, 53 people have died, including 48 in Mexico, three in the United States, one in Canada and one in Costa Rica.
30 Resources to Find the Data You Need | FlowingData
Let's say you have this idea for a visualization or application, or you're just curious about some trend. But you have a problem. You can't find the data, and without the data, you can't even start. This is a guide and a list of sources for where you can find that data you're looking for. There's a lot out there. Universities Being a graduate student, I always look to the library for books and resources. Many libraries are amping up their technology and have some expansive data archives. Many statistics departments also tend to keep a list of data somewhere.
50 Great Examples of Data Visualization
data sets, graphically displayed, overly complex, IMO
50-years-exploration-huge.jpg (JPEG Image, 3861x1706 pixels)
Ein weiteres Stück in der Infographics-Sammlung. Ist aber auch ziemlich nice.
huge images showing all space missions
beautiful image of where the last 50yrs of space exploration have gone. nice picture
The 50 Funniest Internet Infographics : COED Magazine
20 Essential Infographics & Data Visualization Blogs | Inspired Magazine
Nice collection of blogs specialising in good (and bad) data visualisation.
lista de blogs sobre graficos e infograficos
70 прекрасных примеров инфографики
Иногда вспоминаю свое первое постоянное место работы в одном небольшом издательстве, когда приходилось заниматься практически всем от разворотов и рекламных полос до лайтбоксов, обложек, иллюстраций и различных графиков. Особенно нравилось наглядно и доступно подавать большой объем информации или просто графически объяснять какие либо сложные моменты и явления. Даже где-то жаль, что сегодня нет необходимости рисовать такие вещи (равно как жаль что не сохранил свои старые работы), тем не менее интерес к инфографике остался и рубрика будет обязательно пополняться.
Infográficos (em ucraniano)
70 awesome infographics. for some reason this is in russian.
13 Interesting Infographics for Web Workers | Web Design Ledger infographics for web workers
Infographics are a great way to get people to actually look at data. The use of visual design elements can simplify complex information and make it easier to digest
Performance Comparison of Major Web Browsers
The latest versions of the five major most web browsers (Firefox 3.5, Chrome 3.0, IE8, Opera 10, and Safari 4) went head to head under six performance indicators: JavaScript speed, average CPU usage under stress, DOM selection, CSS rendering speed, page load time, and browser cache performance.
The latest versions of the five major most web browsers (Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome 3.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Opera 10.0, and Apple Safari 4.0) went head to head under six performance indicators: JavaScript speed, average CPU usage under stress, DOM selection, CSS rendering speed, page load time, and browser cache performance. Each web browser was tested three times under an unprimed cache (except for the browser cache performance), and their average value reported in the results.
27+ Beautiful Examples of Infographics | Dzine Blog
Left vs Right (World) | David McCandless & Stefanie Posavec | Information Is Beautiful
um. hm. i don't agree with a bunch of this, but... the info flow is interesting.
left vs right stats information info
Ideas, issues, concepts, subjects - visualized!
30 Superb Examples of Infographic Maps | Webdesigner Depot
As designers, we’re constantly searching for ways to improve and style our designs, this is exactly what the following 30 infographics and sites display below; the breaking of rules.
As you search the web you'll come across a wide range of interactive and graphical maps. Deciding when, where and how to integrate or display a map on your
27250901.jpg (JPEG Image, 2321x1426 pixels)
Charts showing the world today and 30 years ago.
New Scientist infographic
Chart with statistics and trends
good summary
the state of the world across a number of parameters
is the world getting better or worse?
Evidence of steady human progress but unsolved environmental issues
Left vs Right | Information Is Beautiful
Infrographic on the dividing politics of the world
[US or World version]
The New York Times - Innovation Portfolio
Stunning directory of NY Times visualisations
Oooh shiny
every NYT interactive project
My Tree and Me — Custom Genealogy Charts
beautiful family trees
from tom
The Jobless Rate for People Like You - Interactive Graphic -
really interesting interactive visualization of unemployment by race, gender, age, and education
Impresionante gráfica del NYTimes sobre el desempleo por grupos de población. Vía
Great infographic, great data
Unemployment rate data visualisation from NYTimes
"Not all groups have felt the recession equally."
The Jobless Rate for People Like You - Interactive Graphic -
Amazing chart to play around with.
Interesting dataset, but the population of all possible combinations of settings as a backdrop is a weird choice. It does make it easier to explore, but I'm not sure about it. Might be nicer to just show settings you've tried and build it up over time so it feels more like you're discovering the trends yourself? Also wish there was more granularity, but I guess you take what you can get from the labor statistics people.
Interesting graphic from the NYT. Graphs usually bore me, but this is engaging and relevant. Nice, subtle use of animation and background to add context.
15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee | The Oatmeal
The Oatmeal
7 Visualization Groups On Flickr to Find Inspiration | FlowingData
choose your own adventure stories thoroughly visualized and diagrammed
choose your own adventure visualizations
Slick visualizations of choose your own adventure stories.
"When a world of new possibilities has just opened, it’s hard to find the will for restraint. But, in time, people scale back the more gratuitous uses of this sort of glitz, moving from what’s possible to what best suits the material." - analyzing the structure of "choose your own adventure" books
"13 months and 11k lines of code later, i’ve finished up the choose your own adventure project. all told i ended up cataloging a dozen books from the early-to-mid 80s, looking for patterns in their construction and in the paths made by different readers through them. these short, simple books had a surprisingly complicated structure with their interlocking pages & choices. as a kid the idea of writing one and keeping all those pages straight boggled my mind. what was lost on me at the time was that even a list of hundreds of page numbers can be comprehensible if it’s redrawn as a diagram. these days i feel like i approach everything that way. so here is my look back at an obsession from my past, using graphical obsessions of the present to guide the way." via
Visualizations of flow through Choose Your Own Adventure books.
2012: The End Of The World? | Information Is Beautiful
2012 el FIN?
A lovely visual analysis of the "Mayan calendar" issue.
The Anatomy Of An Infographic: 5 Steps To Create A Powerful Visual | Spyre Studios
Advice on how to make really useful infographics.
Information is very powerful but for the most bit it is bland and unimaginative. Infographics channel information in a visually pleasing, instantly understandable manner, making it not only powerful, but extremely beautiful. Once used predominantly to make maps more approachable, scientific charts less daunting and as key learning tools for children, inforgraphics have now permeated all aspects of the modern world.
15 Beautiful Examples Of Infographics For Your Inspiration | Web Design Tutorials | Creating a Website | Learn Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver
Physical Storage vs. Digital Storage | The Mozy Blog
Physical and digital storage
Jez Burrows
Visualizing empires decline on Vimeo
"This is mainly an experimentation with soft bodies using toxi's verlet springs. The data refers to the evolution of the top 4 maritime empires of the XIX and XX centuries by extent. The visual emphasis is on their decline." [Via: "The fall of empires A visualization of the decline of the world's four maritime empires (British, Portuguese, French, Spanish) from 1800 to 2009."]
his is mainly an experimentation with soft bodies using toxi's verlet springs. The data refers to the evolution of the top 4 maritime empires of the XIX and XX centuries by extent. The visual emphasis is on their decline. More on that project
9 Ways to Visualize Proportions – A Guide | FlowingData
Nice summary of some data visualization techniques
visualization data charts
"figure out what graph or chart suits your data best"
Nice range of options for viewing fractions... ratios...
The Boom of Social Sites | Other |
The explosion of social networking sites over the past decade has facilitated a transformation in the way we communicate with each other. Here we look at some of these communities with over 1 million users, both active and defunct.
gráfico con número de usuarios de las redes sociales desde el comienzo
Infographic of various social sites, dates est and members
BBC News - Information goes out to play
The power of visual information
Serious information used to be relayed in words, graphs and charts - pictures were just pretty window dressing. That's all changing, says David McCandless. E-mails. News. Facebook. Wikipedia. Do you ever feel there's just too much information? Do you struggle to keep up with important issues, subject and ideas? Are you drowning in data? In this age of information overload, a new solution is emerging that could help us cope with the oceans of data surrounding and swamping us. It's called information visualisation.
Serious information used to be relayed in words, graphs and charts - pictures were just pretty window dressing. That's all changing, says David McCandless.
Flickr Photo Download: Low cost flying
Comparison between low cost and regular airline infographic
Envisioning Development: What is Affordable Housing?
Climate Change Deniers vs The Consensus | Information Is Beautiful
Found on Giulio's Copenhagen climate conference blog
an excellent, important infographic
A very nice looking graphical summary of the claims and counter-claims of global warming skeptics and the scientific consensus response to all the denier's claims. Very nice bit of work.
The Facts About Bottled Water
Far too many countries purchase bottled water instead of just taking it from the tap. Not only is this common practice wasteful, the water consumed is frequently less safe than what comes out of your faucet. Read more about the truth of bottled water in this graphic.
I've heard some of these statistics before, but find it more digestible in infographic form. Really though, stop buying bottled water if you can help it.
a nice browser market share time-line visualization!
A Day in the Internet
Some of us never realize how huge the internet really is.
Take a look at these numbers and you may be shocked at how enormous the Internet is on an average day.
Where Does My Money Go?
Excellent visualisation of UK government spending volume
ver imagenes
5 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year – 2009 | FlowingData
Very interesting online data visualization example. Found the NYT unemployment chart by demographic very interesting and easy to use.
| FlowingData" Data has been declared sexy, and the rise of the data scientist is here.
Eight cool social media infographics | Blog | Econsultancy
So, inspired by the newest of social media infographics, I thought it might be useful to collect some of the better examples in one place as a source of inspiration and information. Links to the actual graphics are in the headline titles.
Great for business!!! Cyentist & 430
Cool graphics explaining social media
BibliOdyssey: Nuclear Reactor Wall Charts
Nuclear Reactor Wall Charts
Cutaway illustrations of Nuclear Power Reactors. Linked via John Nack at Adobe.
BibliOdyssey: Victorian Infographics
collection of infographics from Victorian era books/publications
Victorian Infographics -- animals, time, and space from the Victorians. It's beautiful, it's meaningful, it must be infoengravings.
BibliOdyssey: Victorian Infographics design, illustration, visualization, history, science, graphics, books, maps, science, vintage, infographics
Science News / Florence Nightingale: The Passionate Statistician
How Florence Nightingale used statistics and good visualization to persuade the queen of England to improve the military medical service.
passion, persistence, for the least, but combined with competency and intelligence
Redesigning the Boarding Pass - Journal - Boarding Pass / Fail
Redesigning The Boarding Pass
25 Mind Blowing Social Media Infographics
Digital Podge 2009 - Measurable Fun | 17th December 2009
Digital Podge 2009 - infographic-style website
The use simple datavis to show the website infos
Great charts & infographics
HINT.FM / Fernanda Viegas & Martin Wattenberg
This is the collaboration site of Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg. We invent new ways for people to think and talk about data. As technologists we ask, Can visualization help people think collectively? Can visualization move beyond numbers into the realm of words and images? As artists we seek the joy of revelation. Can visualization tell never-before-told stories? Can it uncover truths about color, memory, and sensuality?
"This is the collaboration site of Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg."
Fantastic Information Architecture and Data Visualization Resources - Noupe
Below are a collection of resources to get you going down the information architecture and data visualization path. Whether you just want to become more familiar with infographics and data visualizations for occasional use or are thinking of making it a career, the resources below will surely come in handy. There are also some beautiful examples and more roundups to see even more fantastic graphics.
By Cameron Chapman Information architecture can be a daunting subject for designers who've never tried it before. Also, creating successful infographics and...
The Apple App Store Economy – GigaOM
chart of iTunes app sales
Michael Deal ◊ Graphic Design
Exploration of Beatles music through infographics
Graphic designer Michael Deal's infographics of Beatles statistics both obvious (songwriting credits) and unusual (metareferences).
Exploration of Beatles music through infographics (ongoing project) These visualizations are part of an extensive study of the music of the Beatles. Many of the diagrams and charts are based on secondary sources, including but not limited to sales statistics, biographies, recording sesion notes, sheet music, and raw audio readings. Join this project here.
HINT.FM: Web Seer
Web Seer Compare Google Suggest results. Try the beginnings of questions: "are men" vs. "are women" or "will he" vs. "will she."
Let's you compare difference in Google Suggest
Nicholas Felton |
A grapical poster representation of personal relations.
毎年カッチョイイビジュアライゼーション芸が楽しいNicholas Feltonさんの自分レポート2009年度版。
15 Tips for Designing Terrific Tables | Design Shack
Today we’ll take a look at several ways you can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your tables. One of the most common places we currently find tables online is on a web app’s pricing page so most of our examples will take this form, just keep in mind that these principles can apply to any type of informative grid (whether or not it’s actually a <table>).
History Lesson: The Story of Beer | Manolith
Manolith - History Lesson:
Information is beautiful: 30 examples of creative infography
Unfortunatly I never had the opportunity to do client work on an infography, but it seems to be one of the most challenging task for a graphic designer. The perfect infography must synthetize complex information in a simple visual representation, which is not easy. The following examples take information architecture to another level by making it beautiful.
Stunning Infographics and Data Visualization - Noupe
State of the Internet Explained In One Giant Infographic [PIC]
The State of the Internet
Focus, Feb. 2, 2010.
The State of the Internet
visualization of stats rec by Kathy Schrock
Using data from the Pew Research Center, Technorati, and other organizations, Focus has produced an infographic about Internet use and Internet access in 2009.
Obama’s 2011 Budget Proposal: How It’s Spent - Interactive Graphic -
Rectangles in the chart are sized according to the amount of spending for that category. Color shows the change in spending from 2010.
President Obama's proposal for the 2011 budget.
Nice graphical representation of Obama's 2011 budget proposal, and how the budget changes from 2010.
Beautiful infographic.
Visualizing 6 Years of Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]
Infograph that tries to depict Facebook’s growth over the past 6 years.
Data in, Brilliance Out | Tableau Public
JavaScript charts which also work in IE6
visualize and share your data in minutes, and embed in your website. Free (but not opensource)
Google facts and figures (massive infographic) | Royal Pingdom
Google has perhaps more than any other company become The Internet Company. It's grown hand in hand with the internet and its entire business model has from the start been totally focused on the internet as a delivery platform. => A ton of facts and figures about Google.
Snake Oil? The scientific evidence for health supplements | Information Is Beautiful
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Good and bad supplements
JESS3 / The State of The Internet on Vimeo
Estatistica sobre internet
JESS3 designed and animated this for the JESS3 lecture at AIGA Baltimore in Feb 2010.
JESS3 designed and animated this for the JESS3 lecture at AIGA Baltimore in Feb 2010
Olympic Pictograms Through the Ages - Video Feature -
Designer Steven Heller traces the evolution of the tiny symbols for each Olympic sport since their appearance in 1936.
Pictograms design through the ages.
a história dos pictogramas nas Olimpíadas
IOGraphica — MousePath's new home
Tracks your mouse path throughout the day.
Breakdown of the Blogosphere
Facts and figures on the Blogosphere
Planning to use this on Jim Mora - National Radio , 3rd March , 2010
35 Great Social Media Infographics | pamorama
You may have seen some of these before, but there are some new ones here.
An Easy Way to Make a Treemap | FlowingData
I think this would be pretty easy to do with gpplot2, but Portfolio looks like its worth checking out too.
Here's a really easy way to make your own treemap in just a couple lines of code. We're looking to make something like this:
10 Gorgeous Social Media Infographics | Penn Olson
A great series of social media representations
10 Gorgeous Social Media Infographics
"Infographics make information easy to consume. Mundane Charts vs Info graphics: Although they are essentially driven by the same set of information, our eyes are more attached to the ones that give aesthetic pleasure. Below are 10 that might suit your social media taste buds."
Infographics make information easy to consume. Mundane Charts vs Info graphics: Although they are essentially driven by the same set of information, our eyes are more attached to the ones that give aesthetic pleasure. Below are 10 that might suit your social media taste buds. -
BBC News - Mapping the growth of the internet
Visualising the Internet and animation on how the Internet works
Google - public data
The Google Public Data Explorer makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand. You don't have to be a data expert to navigate between different views, make your own comparisons, and share your findings. Explore the data Students, journalists, policy makers and everyone else can play with the tool to create visualizations of public data, link to them, or embed them in their own webpages. Embedded charts and links can update automatically so you’re always sharing the latest available data.
Think like a statistician – without the math | FlowingData
#beinghuman #maths #math #toread How to think like a statistician without the math
Design Around the World: Metro Maps | Webdesigner Depot
Every city looks and feels unique. Regional culture, typography, dialect, local customs and many more factors play a part in defining a city’s differences.
The Best Jobs In America
Problematic gender representation. Design is confusing: what are the units? color coding could have benefited with key directly underneath.
BBC News - The top 100 sites on the internet
Which are the biggest sites on the internet? Explore this interactive graphic to find out.
leftright_US_1416.gif (GIF Image, 1415x1022 pixels)
Good #infographic explaining American politics: – Chris Harrison (cdharrison)
Liberal vs. Conservative, Left vs. Right, Progressive vs. Traditional
Excellent infographic comparing the left-wing and right-wing government
The Current State of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]
RT @Chegoyo: RT @pciudadano: El estado actual de Twitter RT @BBCCollege: [INFOGRAPHIC]
The following graphic takes a look at Twitter’s path to 10 billion tweets, what we have learned about its users and what they’ve been talking about along the way.
/ :: The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables /
10 Outstanding Social Media Infographics | @NowSourcing.Com
RT @Inma_Eiroa: RT @MarAbad: 10 infografías de redes sociales
Social media infographics
By the Numbers: Facebook vs The United States [INFOGRAPHIC]
Interesting break down of Facebook in the US vs US Population. Lots of nuggets for the water cooler. My favorite? More people claim DC in Facebook than live in DC IRL!
Information is beautiful: war games | News |
'Information is beautiful'
Exit Polls - Election Results 2008 - The New York Times
test 1
Presidential Elections - [Exit Poll Data][
How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online? | Information Is Beautiful
RT @PierreBRT: Combien gagne un artiste qui vend sa musique en ligne ? Une infographie explicite.
via alphatrends
How much does music artists earn online #infographic #piratpartiet
soyouneedatypeface.jpg (JPEG Image, 1983x1402 pixels)
Infografía tipográfica
RT @tobybarnes: so you need a typeface... via @coudal
HTML5 Readiness
HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness #html #browser #css3
A Visualization of how ready different parts of HTML5/CSS3 are for day to day use
How To Create Outstanding Modern Infographics | Vectortuts+
How To Create Outstanding Modern Infographics #infographics
Move the shape over to the right and add another guide to the centre here.
infographiclarge_v2.png (PNG Image, 1983x1402 pixels)
So You Need a Typeface
Typeface Search!
asi que necesitas una tipografia?
Colours In Cultures
RT @topfloorstudio: Colours relating to emotion in different Cultures:
Social Media Demographics: Who’s Using Which Sites? / Flowtown (@flowtown)
Social media demographics whos using which sites
[illustration] Social Media Demographics / segmentation drastique de qui utilisent quoi -
Enemy Lurks in Briefings on Afghan War - PowerPoint -
“It’s dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control... Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable.” --Brig. Gen. H. R. McMaster
"Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the leader of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, was shown a PowerPoint slide in Kabul last summer that was meant to portray the complexity of American military strategy, but looked more like a bowl of spaghetti.... 'When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war,' General McChrystal dryly remarked, one of his advisers recalled, as the room erupted in laughter...."
The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook
(d)Evolution of privacy on Facebook. Very cool. – Matt Suddain (suddain)
This really brings the point home.
Really interesting infographic showing how Facebook's default privacy settings have increasingly exposed one's profile to a broader and broader audience.
Visualizing Facebook's Privacy Evolution #fb #privacy #temporal
The Evolution of Privacy on FaceBook (I'd call it devolution.) #eventprofs #assnchat #engage365
RT @draenews: Del The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook:
In the beginning, it restricted the visibility of a user's personal information to just their friends and their "network" (college or school). Over the past couple of years, the default privacy settings for a Facebook user's personal information have become more and more permissive. They've also changed how your personal information is classified several times, sometimes in a manner that has been confusing for their users. This has largely been part of Facebook's effort to correlate, publish, and monetize their social graph: a
The 7 ½ Steps to Successful Infographics - Articles - MIX Online
RT @mixonline The 7 ½ Steps to Successful Infographics
The right mix of down-to-earth and reach-for-the-starts.
Designing an Infographic with HTML, CSS & jQuery
Designing an Infographic with HTML, CSS & jQuery
Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options - Graphic -
Genial RT @kicoes: Hay que hacer un máster. RT @martimanent: Representación visual de la privacidad en Facebook
100 Seriously Creative Infographics
This is the 2nd of 5 gallery-style posts in our week-long inspiration series in which we are collecting 100 awesome examples in a given category. Today we are covering infographics, you know those nifty illustrations that make complicated subjects easy to understand. The infographic (short for information graphic) has become a mainstream fixture thanks, in part, to publications such as Wired Magazine whose commissioned infographics are notoriously complicated and cool and widely respected within the design community.  This collection contains great color combinations, infographics of varying sizes, creative typography and of course, extremely clever illustrations.
100 Seriously Creative Infographics
A Tour through the Visualization Zoo - ACM Queue
Rich survey of advanced data visualization techniques – Maria Popova (brainpicker)
A survey of powerful visualization techniques, from the obvious to the obscure
Infographics news: i from infographics
Infographics news: i from infographics
i from infographics
Popular favorite images tagged with "infographics" on
Popular favorite images tagged with "infographics"
Popular favorite images tagged with 'infographics' on - a showcase of visual content for inspiration or simply delight of the spectator based on people recommendations
Mundial 2010 en
WTF is HTML5 (Infographic)
WTF is HTML5 and Why We Should All Care (Infographic)
50 Informative and Well-Designed Infographics | Inspiration
Design weblog for designers, bloggers and tech users. Covering useful tools, tutorials, tips and inspirational photos.
some good some bad, but great source
Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench
RT @Pogue: Just how deep is BP's nasty oil rig? This'll give you some idea... (via @armenoush)
22 Educational Social Media Diagrams
22 diagrams
Everyone learns differently. Social media marketing has a lot of moving parts and processes which make it hard to get up to speed. This challenge is only compounded by the ever-changing nature of the market, in which new applications and opportunities arise daily.
RT @trupheme: 22 Educational Social Media Diagrams
Locals and Tourists - a set on Flickr
We've seen maps of photographic activity around the world, and maps of traffic activity in a city, which reveal how heavily roads are used. And now, photographer Eric Fischer has combined both ideas, creating maps of 50 different cities around the world, using only the geotags of photos uploaded to Flickr and Picasa. What emerges are basically maps of human interest--that is, all the places fascinating enough that someone decided to take a picture.
Some people interpreted the Geotaggers' World Atlas maps to be maps of tourism. This set is an attempt to figure out if that is really true. Some cities (for example Las Vegas and Venice) do seem to be photographed almost entirely by tourists. Others seem to have many pictures taken in piaces that tourists don't visit.
Overviews of places tourists visit versus places locals visit.
Blue points on the map are pictures taken by locals (people who have taken pictures in this city dated over a range of a month or more). Red points are pictures taken by tourists (people who seem to be a local of a different city and who took pictures in this city for less than a month).
Designing The “World Of Programming” Infographic - Smashing Magazine
This infographic exhibits pioneers in the field of programming, along with the history and current statistics of various programming languages. Also included are some random facts and algorithm diagrams to make the infographic more visually appealing.
Data artwork (or infographics) are employed to screen info with techniques which are more innovative than the usual text. Today, they encompass people in media, released operates, path indicators along with guides.
pagina con info interesante
howlawsmadeWIRTH2.jpg (JPEG Image, 2450x1207 pixels)
Nice flow chart for the Bill to Law process
If San Francisco Crime were Elevation | Doug McCune
I’ve been playing with different ways of representing data (see my previous night lights example) and I decided to venture into 3D representations. I’ve used a full year of crime data for San Francisco from 2009 to create these maps. The full dataset can be download from the city’s DataSF website.
RT @brainpicker: San Francisco crime rates, visualized as topographic elevation
World Cup 2010 Twitter replay | Football |
beim guardian kann man wm-spielverläufe anhand von twitter-schlagworten nachverfolgen. via @jayzon277
Wirklich schöne Visualisierung vom Guardian: Die Twitter-Tags während aller #WM-Spiele im Replay. /via @spreeblick
i'm watching world cup
Watching: "World Cup 2010 #Twitter replay | Football |" ( )
twitterconversatie rond NED-DEN in beeld gebracht. Vooral de "hup" op het einde... Mooi!
Follow in high-speed replay of the World Cup and find out how Twitter reacted to every game
Imagine A Pie Chart Stomping On An Infographic Forever - Smashing Magazine
A certain category of design gaffes can be boiled down to violations of audience expectations. Websites that don’t work in Internet Explorer are a heck of a nasty surprise for users who, bless their souls, want the same Internet experience as everyone else. Websites that prevent copying, whether through careless text-as-image conversions or those wretched copyright pop-ups from the turn of the century, cripple a feature that works nearly everywhere else on the Internet. Avoiding this category of blunders is crucial to good design, which is why I am upset that one particular pitfall has been overlooked with extreme frequency.
Some cool examples of info graphics.
A critique of some poor infographics
A importância de apresentar dados de forma clara e um showcase de infográficos ruins
User Centred Design - Infographic Poster by Pascal Raabe
Check out this infographic poster about user centred design:
"This is an information graphic poster illustrating the underlying lifecycle, methods, principles and techniques in a user centred design process where the visual part is only the tip of the iceberg."
This is an information graphic poster illustrating the underlying lifecycle, methods, principles and techniques in a user centred design process where the visual part is only the tip of the iceberg. This project is the result of my work experience at City ID, an information design studio with international reputation. The poster sums up many of the things that I’ve learnt during my time working with them. It also draws inspiration from practitioners who I admire and from a Digital Media module that I took at the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland which was taught by visiting lecturer and user experience designer Eva-Lotta Lamm.
is a good and beautiful infographic Poster by Pascal Raabe, summarizing what is to design with the user in mind.
Huge Infographics Design Resources: Overview, Principles, Tips and Examples | Onextrapixel - Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch
Some good resources, including software links and other references.
Flickr Photo Download: HTML5 (Infographic)
Flickr Photo Download: HTML5 (Infographic)
What is HTML5 and why we should all care: Infographic: #trends via @dorait; @avinashkaushik
Map: Where Americans Are Moving -
More than 10 million Americans moved from one county to another during 2008. The map below visualizes those moves. Click on any county to see comings and goings: black lines indicate net inward movement, red lines net outward movement.
Social media demographics
INFOGRAPHIC - #SocialMedia Demographics: Who's Using Which Sites?
15 more awesome social media infographics | Econsultancy
About six months ago, I threw together a blog post based on a bunch of social media infographics. At the time, they were surprisingly difficult to root out, but it seems that more are emerging, given the continued development and understanding of the channel.
How The World Spends Its Time Online
Millions of people across the world are constantly connected by the internet. Here’s a look at what everybody’s doing when they’re in front of their computer screen.
Which country leads the pack for social networking? How do people spend their time online? It's all here.
How The World Spends Its Time Online (infographics) via @Larryferlazzo
Facebook: Facts You Probably Didn't Know [INFOGRAPHIC]
Infographic with interesting information about Facebook
If you actually want to win over anyone with the information about Fb miscellanea, below will be the best cheat published as a really significant infographic. Take pleasure in!
2010 World Cup – The Ultimate Graphic and Data Resources Guide | Inspired Magazine
2010 World Cup – The Ultimate Graphic and Data Resources Guide | Inspired Magazine
The Ultimate Graphic and Data Resources Guide | Inspired Magazine
월드컵 관련 Infograhics모음
RT @inspiredmag Copa Mundial 2010 - el último gráfico y Guía de Recursos de Datos
2010 World Cup – The Ultimate Graphic and Data Resources Guide
How Does Google Work?
Top 10 Web Hosting Companies In the World
Web Hosting Domination The top Web host is, with a market share of 35.8187 percent. Wild West Domains is part of the Go Daddy Group, providing an easy platform for turnkey domain registrars to become an operation and use the Go Daddy system for registration and support. hosts 25,373,796 domains. The number two Web host is, with a market share of 4.8069 percent. It hosts 3,405,217 domains. Number three is which has a market share of 4.0572 percent. It hosts 2,874,123. Number four is, with a market share of 3.6870 percent. The number five Web hosting company is, with a market share of 2.9401 percent. Yahoo hosts 2,082,750 domains. The sixth-largest Web hosting company in the world is It has a market share of 2.4442 percent. It hosts 1,731,437 domains. The number seven Web hosting company is It hosts 1,483,786 domains and has a 2.0946 percent market share. The e
Top 10 Web Hosting Companies In the World |
Fifty-nine percent of the web hosting market share is owned by ten companies. Here are those companies, as well as a look at web hosting around the world.
10 Beautiful Social Media Infographics
Digital love from Mashable. Gorgeous graphics for your viewing pleasure.
Grace Smith, writing on, introduces 10 infographics that make sense of social media's impact on our lives, and are beautiful to look at, too!
Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web,
HTML5__.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200x1312 pixels)
What is HTML5?
What Do You Check First: E-mail or Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Where you start your digital day says a lot about you, according to a new study (via @isabelleokane) /via @gleonhard Where you start your digital day says a lot about you, according to a new study from ExactTarget, an e-mail and social media marketing company. If you check e-mail first, the company said, you tend to be more task-oriented and only interact with brands online when you need something, such as researching a deal, getting information about promotions or finding new product information. However, if start your day with a visit to Facebook, you might welcome “extracurricular” content from brands, such as interaction and entertainment that isn’t directly related to a purchase or business transaction.
Onde atuam os 736 jogadores da Copa 2010 : Especial - Esportes - Copa 2010 - Estadã ...
RT @mejutto: @trecet Impresionante gráfico sobre donde juegan los jugadores de cada equipo del mundial.
Wild Apricot Blog : Make Your Own Infographic
muy buena pagina de como hacer infografias
If you’re not sure where to start to create your first infographic, remember that annotated maps, flow charts, graphs, many of the diagrams you may already be creating on the job can help your audience to see the meaning behind your data. Not sexy and artistic, you might think, but even a simple graphic is far more effective than asking your prospective supporters to study a spreadsheet – if done right! Here’s a little help for figuring out what information you want to communicate, which data points to select, and how to present the numbers in a way that will be both accurate and accessible to numerically challenged viewers:
Wild Apricot Blog : Make Your Own Infographic
RT @wwwhatsnew: Consejos para crear infografías
The Price of Facebook Privacy? Start Clicking -
how nytimes surfaces complex graphics in articles
Which is longer: Facebook privacy policy or the US Constitution?
If you guessed the latter, you’re right. Facebook’s Privacy Policy is 5,830 words long; the United States Constitution, without any of its amendments, is a concise 4,543 words.
Which Identities Are We Using to Sign in Around the Web?
What online IDs are people using the most to sign in around the web?
RT @smashingmag What online IDs are people using the most to sign in around the Web? (Infographic) - (via @creattica)
The Price of Facebook Privacy? Start Clicking -
how nytimes surfaces complex graphics in articles
Which is longer: Facebook privacy policy or the US Constitution?
If you guessed the latter, you’re right. Facebook’s Privacy Policy is 5,830 words long; the United States Constitution, without any of its amendments, is a concise 4,543 words.
Google's Long History of Social Media Attempts [INFOGRAPHIC]
Mashable hat eine wunderbare Infografik ausgegraben, die die Anfänge von Social Media im Februar 2003 bis heute nachzeichnen:
Using Charts and Graphs for Content
Nice essay on using chart and graphs in design
Map: Where Americans Are Moving -
Where Americans Are Moving To: Interactive Map via @cubitplanning #flowmaps #cartography #migration #maps
Using Charts and Graphs for Content
@danielpink RT @Larryferlazzo: Using Charts and Graphs for Content
A Protovis Primer, Part 1 | eagereyes
21 Infographics Every Computer Nerd Must See
@yuifu my wallet cried when i bought this, but i'm happy :) – nick abel (516eltonXB7Z6Q)
intro on data visualization
Introduction to, and history of, datavisualization
Data visualization is a pretty literal term that means, quite simply, the visual representation of quantitative data. In this course we’ll learn common techniques for visualizing data, as well as some strategies for managing information digitally. But first, a brief history.
A brief history of visualization #datavisualization #dataviz
Data Visualization
Although visualization hasn’t been widely recognized as a discipline in and of itself until fairly recently, today’s most popular forms date back nearly two centuries. Geographical exploration, mathematics, and popularized history spurred the creation of early maps, graphs, and timelines as far back as the 1600s; but William Playfair is widely credited as the inventor of the modern chart, having created the first widely distributed line and bar charts in his Commercial and Political Atlas of 1786, and what is generally considered to be the first pie chart in his Statistical Breviary, published in 1801.