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A Poor Man’s Guide to Finding Influencers. » The Buzz Bin

he primary challenge of successful social media is being able to listen and communicate with the broader community. This requires knowing who your community is, and where to find them online. To do this, engaging top influencers is essential, but how do you find them?
Think about how the community likely identifies itself online. To do so, do: General search; explore Top blogs and bloggers; Visit the blogs; read Message boards and forums; Search social media sites.
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Unveiling the New Influencers | PR2.0
Traditional influence has followed a systematic top-down process of developing and pushing “controlled” messages to audiences for decades, rooted in
How-To: Influence Influencers- Bloggers, Tweeters & Others
Want to get the right people talking about you and your business in a flattering light? Read more:
Perfect resource for WOM marketing, reaching influencers
How-To: Influence Influencers- Bloggers, Tweeters & Others
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50 Most Powerful and Influential Men in Social Media
50 Most Powerful and Influential Men in Social Media - Ron Hudson
Top 50 guys in social media - companion list to the top 50 women in social media
These are the men I should be listening to
Top 100 Marketers of 2008
Who are the Top 100 most influential Internet Marketers of 2008? The list voted by thousands of internet professionals. It contains “who is who” in internet marketing.
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HOW TO: Target Social Media Influencers to Boost Traffic and Sales
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As this data shows, successful social media marketing isn’t simply about amassing thousands of followers, but instead precisely identifying the most influential members of your audience and recognizing them for their value. By directly engaging one influencer with exclusive opportunities, special offers, and unique content, you are indirectly engaging thousands of other people who are part of this influencer’s social sphere. Sounds pretty enticing, right? But the challenge in crafting a successful marketing program that activates influencers is two-fold. First, you have to use the right data and traffic analysis tools to find out who your most influential followers are. Second, you have to connect with these people in an authentic, “non-salesy” way, and truly build a relationship with them –- because if you overly “sell” to your influencers, you’ll burn a bridge and potentially turn your biggest fans into your worst detractors.
Study: Influencers are Alive and Well on Social Media Sites - ReadWriteWeb
Who are your brand leaders?
User Generated content stats - the arguement
Highlights of the Rubicon Consulting study: