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[CSS]外部スタイルシートの指定は@importとlinkでどちらがいいか | コリス

Official Gmail Blog: Import your mail and contacts from other accounts
Nice of Gmail to make it easier to import contacts (even from AOL!!)
This new feature is available in all newly-created Gmail accounts, and it is slowly being rolled out to all existing accounts. It'll take longer than the few hours or days that most Gmail features take to get out to everyone. You'll know it's on for your account when you see the Accounts and Import tab (formerly just called Accounts
Google launched this feature in Gmail 2 1/2 months ago. You can supposedly import your old mail and contacts from Yahoo and other email services automatically. The only problem is my account still doesn't have the option. What gives Google?
AWS Import/Export
is this supposed to be a joke -
How the Amazon Web Services deal with importing and exporting large volumes of data to/from the cloud.
Import large data sets via snail mail into Amazon S3 storage.
Map Fields - A Rails plugin to ease the importing of CSV files @ Ramblings on Rails
a very nice solution for importing csv files, it handles the mapping which is a very common problem
OMFG!!!! Manbabies are ready!!!!
Ease way to import csv files