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IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit - ScottGu's Blog

ke a look at how we can use the Site Analysis tool to quickly
SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the important considerations that any Internet web-site needs to design with in mind. A non-trivial percentage of Internet traffic to sites is driven by search engines, and good SEO techniques can help increase site traffic even further. Likewise, small mistakes can significantly impact the search relevance of your site’s content and cause you to miss out on the traffic that you should be receiving. Some of these mistakes include: multiple URLs on a site leading to the same content, broken links from a page, poorly chosen titles, descriptions, and keywords, large amounts of viewstate, invalid markup, etc. These mistakes are often easy to fix - the challenge is how to discover and pinpoint them within a site.
Tool to optimize searches of your site.
Search Engine Optimization Toolkit : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
SEO outils optimisation fournit par IIS
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Replace ASP.Net development server with IIS Express
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