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A Designer Takes on His Biggest Challenge Ever | Fast Company

"We moved from thinking of ourselves as designers to thinking of ourselves as design thinkers. We have a methodology that enables us to come up with a solution that nobody has before." -- David Kelley
bio of IDEO's David Kelley. IDEO is a creative design and technology firm, an inspiration.
Ideo CEO David Kelley talks about evolving Ideo from a design firm to a "design thinking" firm.
Human-Centered Design Toolkit - Case Studies - IDEO
Sitio con la metodología de IDEO !Increible¡
News Flash From the Future: What Will Journalism Look Like? | Fast Company
What will journalism look like?
Feed your mind: This highly contextual network can provide real-time information from countless feeds and filters. A far cry from today's mobile RSS feeds, the network lets you blog live, trace a history, find a clue, follow a trail, or even uncover a mystery. Screen capture: Your video-enabled mobile device will become an enhanced lens on the world, thanks to a combination of high bandwidth, location-specific information, tremendous processing power, and ultrasmart image processing.whatsoldisnew What's old is new: Depending on your interests, you'll be able to browse through various histories of wherever you find yourself. How did this street look on VJ Day? When was the last time Radiohead played down the road?
With newspapers’ traditional business model in free fall, the top media minds at global design firm IDEO (designer of the Apple mouse, consultant to Fortune 500 companies) were asked to imagine: How will we get our news after the traditional model falls apart? Here's their answer.
Social Software: The Other 'Design for Social Impact,' by Gentry Underwood - Core77
top post exploring the implications of 'social-ness' on interaction design - must read for anyone designing sites for participation & collaboration
Play is good for you (and it's good for business)
We talk about play around here a lot. Remember that play was one of the six aptitudes needed to be successful in today's world featured in Dan Pink's A Whole New Mind. I often associate at least one aspect of play and playfulness with the old Buddhist idea of the beginner's mind (or child's mind). That is, in the child's mind there are infinite possibilities, but in our adult mind (one filled with habits and routines) there often seems to be few. One of TED's newest talks online is by Tim Brown the CEO of Ideo. In this wonderful short presentation Tim makes many salient points about the role of play, playfulness, and creativity and why they matter in our professional or academic lives. You may be a designer of consumer goods, or a medical doctor, or a researcher, or a teacher — every situation is different. But listen to what Tim Brown says and ask yourself how the idea of play might be introduced into your organization in a way that would benefit workers, patients, and students, not o
Play is good for you (and it's good for business)
Awesome IDEO ATM redesign documentary. Lot's of good thinking in here. Via Pablo.
RT @HashemBajwa: IDEO redesigns the ATM. Interesting video on the design process.
"virtual to real transitions" – quite amazing work around the future of self-service banking #ideo
Proyecto de IDEO para rediseño de cajeros automáticos del BBVA en España.