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50 kostenlose, hochwertige Iconsets
The Best Free Icon Sets of 2009 | Web Design Ledger

I especially like the hand cursor icon set. Nice collection.
Web Design Ledger web design Nov12th In Freebies 17 The Best Free Icon Sets of 2009 Henry Jones The Best Free Icon Sets of 2009 In 2009 we’ve witnessed many talented and generous designers creating tons of amazing stuff and giving it away for us to use. We’ve already shown you all of the best free fonts from this past year. Now we’re going to show you the best free icon sets. There were plenty of free sets created this year, but these stand above the rest in terms of quality and usefulness.
Kann man immer gebrauchen :)
The Best Free Icon Sets of 2009
50 (fresh) Beautiful and High-quality Free Icon Sets | Dzine Blog
here i’ve collected 50 of the most beautiful icons packs for you to download , i hope everybody will find something useful.
High-quality Free Icon Sets
20 Different and Beautiful Icon Sets | Freebies
Web Design Ledger
We are accustomed to seeing icons as bright and glossy bundles of pixel perfection, but this typical style of icon doesn’t always work for all styles of web design. For instance, grungey designs need icons to be a little dirty. While icons on a hand drawn style site should have line marks or brush strokes. In this article, we’ve rounded up 20 icon sets that break the mould of the typical icon. Here you will see icons that make use of painted brush strokes, sketchy line work, and grungy textures.
15 High Quality Mini Icon Sets for Your Web Projects