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need $ to build an ark - white face paint and glass boxes and devil wind

Dean gets hit with a curse, and can't talk
Dean gets hit with a curse, and can't talk. **Mute!Dean is pretty awesome, and I love how even though Dean can't talk, he's still completely *Dean*.
They're twenty miles out of town when Sam turns down the tape and asks if they can stop for some frozen custard and Dean doesn't answer him.
Dean get cursed into being mute. 10K Really brings out the love between those two! Great fic.
Dean is suddenly whammied with a silencing hex.
dean losses his voice. curse.
Dean is suddenly unable to speak, for no reason he and Sam can see; but his voice comes through clearly in this little gem of a tale, with fantastic brotherly bickering, a couple of terrific OCs, and excellent Sam POV. Plus a truly exquisite ending.
Dean loses his voice and their rapport is only moderately impaired.
Mute!Dean crack.