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STS-125 Shuttle Mission Imagery
Hubble's final servicing mission - The Big Picture -

On Monday, May 11, after months of delays and preparation, NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis launched from the Kennedy Space Center on the final servicing mission to the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope. The seven crew members left Florida for low Earth orbit at 2:01 pm, for a scheduled 11-day mission, including 5 days of Extra-vehicular activity (EVAs) to work on the Hubble. So far the repairs appear to be going very well - the final EVA is scheduled for today, and the landing planned for May 22nd. I was fortunate enough to attend the launch at Banana Creek viewing area, and wish to extend my gratitude to all the people at NASA.
Hell Yeah, Hubble! : Starts With A Bang
Way cool 3-D video explanation of deep field sky photography via Hubble...
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Space Panorama - Zoom in and out!
The Frame: Hubble telescope's latest images
NASA - Hubble ERO Images
RT @brysongilbert: Seriously you guys, the Hubble Space Telescope is the most expensive desktop wallpaper generator ever. [from]
HubbleSite - Picture Album: Entire Collection
Galerie d'images d'Hubble
Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar 2009 - The Big Picture -
Stunning Hubble photos for the holidays via @atleykins
The boys and I are loving this amazing collection of photographs.
Hubble's greatest hits: Hubble space telescope images - Telegraph
These are 18 of the MILLIONS of SPACE photographs taken by HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE since 1990.
18 pics from the Hubble telescope.
Hubble: Hubble Finds Unidentified Object in Space, Scientists Puzzled
Hubble finds unidentified object in space. Nerds all over say "cooooool"
Hubble: Hubble Finds Unidentified Object in Space, Scientists Puzzled
The headline and story made me think of Bruce Willis in Armageddon when he says, "You're NASA, you've always got a backup plan. You've probably got a team somewhere else thinking up ideas" because it's surprising that they can't even guess as to what this is.
[I]n a paper published last week in the Astrophysical Journal, scientists detail the discovery of a new unidentified object in the middle of nowhere.
Un pixel sin explicación en una imagen enviada por el Hubble. Una fuente de luz que apareció de repente y unos días después despareció.
This is exactly why we send astronauts to risk their life to service Hubble in a paper published last week