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How to Send and Receive Hotmail from Your Gmail Account :: Mysticgeek’s Realm

Have you ever wanted to read your Hotmail from inside your Gmail account? Today we'll show you how to both send and receive using your, or email addresses… but from within Gmail instead.
Let's see if I can use gmail to push my hotmail e-mail directly to my phone for free during the day when I am away from the computer AND make it be in a readable format for the phone!
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Windows Live: Hotmail Enables POP3 for U.S. Users
Pop3 settings for Hotmail
POP3 access for Hotmail
Microsoft has been rolling out POP3 importing access to a number of countries since mid-January, including Canada, the U.K., most of western Europe, and elsewhere. The details you need to plug into your mail client or other webmail account, though, should be the same. Here's the list, as posted by the Windows Live team:
Windows Live: Hotmail Finally Enables POP3 Worldwide
Settings for pop3 on
The Windows Live team announces that POP3 access to Hotmail has been enabled worldwide, finally ending years of your email being trapped behind Microsoft apps. They've been rolling out these changes for a while now, with the US finally getting access last month, but POP3 access is finally available to everybody. Setting it up is fairly simple in most email applications—just create a new account using the following details from the Windows Live team: