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An awesome app. wow!
mapa TOKYO
On Location - One Room Configured 24 Ways -
"This room — the “maximum kitchen,” he calls it — and the “video game room” he was sitting in minutes before are just 2 of at least 24 different layouts that Mr. Chang, an architect, can impose on his 344-square-foot apartment, which he renovated last year. What appears to be an open-plan studio actually contains many rooms, because of sliding wall units, fold-down tables and chairs, and the habitual kinesis of a resident in a small space. As Mr. Chang put it, “I glide around.”"
Gary Chang's transforming apartment in Hong Kong
How to use minimal apartment space to best effect
Really awesome creative use of a very small space.
would love to see a video of this
A tiny Hong Kong apartment is a model of flexible living, featuring sliding wall units and fold-down tables and chairs.
YouTube - A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms
This transformer apartment makes me drool: (tx @souris) – danah boyd (zephoria)