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Lifehacker - Top 10 Home Office Hacks - Home office

Great suggestions for productive home office!
Whatever kind of work you do at home, your office is one place you want to spend the time to make comfortable and convenient. Take 10 of our tips on organizing, fixing, and streamlining that space.
Lifehacker - The Innovative Office - Workspaces
Architect's home office!
100 Hacks to Help You Create the Ultimate Home Office - Career Overview
Finding a job that allows you to pay the bills and work from home might make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. But unless you have a space that fuels productivity and helps your career grow, you’re going to find it hard to maintain focus, entertain clients, and stay organized enough to keep up with new business. Here are 100 hacks to help you create the ultimate home office, so that it’s your favorite — and most productive — room in the house.
Some nice tips on getting the most out of a home office, whether you already have one or want to start one.
100 trucs d'ajuda per crear el nostre lloc de feina