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Wii: Play Burned Game Backups on Your Wii Without a Modchip

Ever since video game consoles moved to optical discs manufacturers and users have battled over backups Manufacturers fear that if
The Simple Dollar » A Walkthrough and Cost Breakdown of Brewing Your Own Beer
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How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive [Slick Tricks]
One of the cooler hacks that I've found for the Wii is how to store and load your games from a USB Hard Drive. The idea is that you plug a hard drive into one of the USB slots on the back of the Wii, and rip/store your games. When you want to play them, you have only to access the hard drive and select what you'd like to play. There are 3 primary reasons that I am excited to have this working:
How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive [Slick Tricks]
Rip games!
Hack Your Wii for Homebrew without Twilight Princess - Wii - Lifehacker
Bummed because you've got a new Wii and the Twilight Princess hack won't work on it? Have an older Wii but you don't want to buy Twilight Princess just to install Homebrew? Try the free and easy bannerbomb exploit.
mxcl's homebrew at masterbrew - GitHub
a package manager for osx using ruby git
alternative to macports
Neat approach to package management for OS X
Home Brew Hard Cider from Scratch
mxcl's homebrew at master - GitHub
Alternative zu MacPorts und Fink (greift im Gegensatz zu diesen auf System-Libs zurück und installiert nicht alle Dependencies parallel neu) Verwendet Git und Ruby
Homebrew is a package management system for OS X. In other words it is a tool that helps you manage the installation of other open source software on your Mac.
Great MacPorts alternative (seems to be a lot more powerful).
macports alternative
How to Back Up and Play Your Wii Games from an External Hard Drive - Wii - Lifehacker
Homebrew — MacPorts driving you to drink? Try Homebrew!
is the easiest and most flexible way to install the UNIX tools Apple didn't include with OS X.