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Look at this fucking hipster

One of the 10,000 things I miss about living in Portland - HIPSTERGAZING.
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE on the Behance Network
How would the characters from "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" look like as hipsters? Too funny...
ilustrações ótimas com super heróis :D
He-man is fashionable if you're a damn hipster!
Comic hero hipsters
Paste Magazine November 2009
Unhappy Hipsters
"And one day, a ladder appeared. Julien climbed with guarded optimism; could this be the way out for which he’d been searching all these weeks?"
It's lonely in the modern world:
Repurposed from Dwell magazine.
It's lonely in the modern world.
hipster puppies
Just hilarious.
The Hipster Grifter | The New York Observer
“She has this thing with guys where she talks about sex really upfront and kind of puts people off balance,” said Joe. (It was also around November that a guy named Troy was at Union Pool, the Williamsburg bar, when the bartender passed him a note from another customer. It read, “I want to give you a hand job with my mouth,” and was signed “Korean Abdul-Jabbar.” It was, according to Troy, from Ms. Ferrell. Another time, a patron at Fabiane’s, the café on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, said Ms. Ferrell passed him a note which read: “I want you to throw a hot dog down my hall.”)