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NOVA | Einstein's Big Idea | Relativity (Lightman Essay) | PBS

This website contains a lot of good information, but it is not overwhelming, which makes it easy to read. Also, it has illustrations that help you to understand the theory of relativity. It is credible because it was written by a physicist and includes a photograph of him and personal information to confirm that he is an actual person.
This article is about realativity and the cosmos. It gives a background on the essense of gravity and the goes on to tell more about stars. I chose this site because I know that PBS is a trustworthy orgnaization.
this site seems to be very reliable. i chose it because it was one of the first links to come up as one of the most used by other students. it seems to be written by an expert as well.
hersheyhslibrary ยป Theory of Relativity
Hershey High School's Theory of Relativity Pathfinder.
This will help me with my physics project.
On this web site you'll see how it talks about relativity. No on was general relativity the first major new theory of gravity but it was the first one since Isaac Newton's more than 250 years earlier. Many of the predictions of general relativity have been quantitatively confirmed by experiment. It also talks about how Einstein and others applied general relativity to the structure and evolution of the universe as a whole.