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Portraits of King Henry VIII: Born 1491, Ruled 1509 to 1547

Photos of King Henry VIII
wonderful illustraitons not as much info as 1 and 2
good pictures
More of a site to gain portraits of the individual.
have to click to get to pictures
Pictures only. Good if I nedded visuals for my paper.
Needs more info. Make it easier to find.
Mostly pictures no info
I liked how the information is in chronological order.
helpful to view portraits of the king
good primary source for pictures
This site has some great pictures.
I like the chronological list.
Henry VIII, king of England —
ok info~ not the best.
good info not as wasy to use or as informative
website not as appealing
only a list of more websites
No pics, had to click in order to get any information. Time consuming.
Provided additional internet sources to go to.
Too short, basic. Student would probably just copy word for word.
Plain looking. Didn't catch my eye. I wanted a site quick and to the point.
no pictures at all! didn't look interesting.
Needs more details.
info was organized and categorized by topics for easy access
not enough reliable info
good info
hard to get to and not user friendly
Very nicely designed and attractive, with some good sources.
Only if I needed quote from his love letter!
Info not easily found
Seemed to provide good information.
I enjoyed reading the letter. It made this site more interesting to me.
I like the appearance and color scheme of this site.
colorful site, easy to read, but not a lot of info
Info is there just have to distinguish
This site includes primary sources. I enjoyed reading the letter he wrote to his second wife, Anne Boleyn
Since it is a blogspot address, it seems that anyone could be providing information.
This was ok. Short Summary.
it has little infomation, but that little infomation it has is good infomation we need about him and his wifes.