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The Next Generation in Human Computer Interfaces - Awesome Videos | Singularity Hub

thanks roel! - WARNING: A long, rambly exploration of the state...
JG: "Big picture essay by Steven Frank on the state of UI metaphors:"
discussion on the difficulties of changing the concept of the desktop metaphor, from Scott
"Every geek I know shares, to some degree, the notion that the “desktop” metaphor for computers is outdated. What nobody seems to have a solid opinion on is what would take its place."
Read It: Search User Interfaces
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Unqualified Reservations: Wolfram Alpha and hubristic user interfaces
A fantastic piece that gets to the heart of the problem with WA: its UI provides only unreliable affordances. To make the best use of its great computational engine and data visualisation parts you essentially have to learn the idiosyncrasies of an incredibly complex and unpredictable front-end.
"Like most hubristic UIs, Wolfram Alpha is operating with a completely fictitious user narrative."
Reinventing the desktop (for real this time) – Part 1 « brian will . net
Interesting article with a fresh look towards user expirience on the desktop
10/GUI : The Video
A great idea for human computer interaction using a large multitouch surface
remind you of anything? iphone functionality
"The purpose of the 10/GUI concept video is to inform, inspire, and start discussions. An ocean of experimentation, iteration, investment, and adoption lies between these early ideas and whatever the future of HCI will hold. Will the principles of 10/GUI prove viable? To test these waters is the only way to find out"
The Media Computing Group : SLAP
"Our Silicone ILluminated Active Peripherals, or SLAP widgets, are physical widgets made from silicone rubber and acrylic that combine the advantages of physical and virtual devices: Our SLAP buttons, sliders, knobs and keyboards have the physical shape of real devices to provide the right haptic feedback, but are still easily relabeled using a tabletop rear projection. At the same time, they are particularly low-cost, and easy to put to use."
périphériques et table "multi-touch" pour manipuler des données numériques de manière tangible
SLAP widgets
James A. Fogarty - Research - Prefab
reverse-engineering user interface to allow mashup of applications, supposedly
Imagine if every interface was open source. Any of us could modify the software we use every day. Unfortunately, we don't have the source. Prefab realizes this vision using only the pixels of everyday interfaces. This video shows using Prefab to add new functionality to Adobe Photoshop, Apple iTunes, and Microsoft Windows Media Player. Prefab represents a new approach to deploying HCI research in everyday software, and is also the first step toward a future where anybody can modify any interface.