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Tweet Your Message to a Larger Audience with Hashtags
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Get and set definitions for #tags - A dictionary for (hash)tags
Twitter hashtag dictionary
way to define hashtags for Twitter
Tagalus lets users define tags so that others can understand what they're talking about. Other users can vote on definitions and decide which best describes the given tag.
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What The Trend? Find out WHY terms are trending on Twitter
Find out what's trending on Twitter and why. For each trend, we give you a quick explanation of WHY it's trending (these blurbs are edited by you!) You can also see the latest tweets, Flickr photos and news stories.
Twubs are hubs around metahashtags - bringing together Twitpics, RSS Feeds, videos, Photos...
HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags
'This short guide details how to identify, track, use, and organize hashtags in an efficient and useful way. Just be sure not to flaunt your new hashtag wisdom.'
definition of Twitter-tags, what do they mean?
Ever seen a hashtag on Twitter, and wondered what it is all about? Now you can look it up, and cast your vote on the definitions. And if you don't like the definitions, or none exists, you can create your own in seconds.
definition of Twitter-tags, what do they mean?
Useful for when you see a hashtag trending and have no idea what it means.
HOW TO: Use Twitter Hashtags for Business
If you’ve used Twitter (Twitter) for more than a couple of hours, you’ve probably already seen a tweet or two containing a word with the hash symbol (”#”) attached to it. That’s what Twitter users call a “hashtag,” and at any given time at least one of them can usually be found among the trending topics on Twitter. But what exactly is a hashtag? Hashtags are essentially a simple way to catalog and connect tweets about a specific topic. They make it easier for users to find additional tweets on a particular subject, while filtering out the incidental tweets that may just coincidentally contain the same keyword. Hashtags are also often used by conference and event organizers as a method of keeping all tweets about the event in a single stream, and they’ve even been used to coordinate updates during emergencies. In fact, hashtags were first popularized during the 2007 San Diego wildfire, when the tag #sandiegofires was used to identify tweets about the natural disaster.
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Great HashTag Article
What Does that Hashtag Mean? New Service Tells You - ReadWriteWeb
Tagalus is a social dictionary of tags used on Twitter. Users vote for the best definitions.
New microsyntax for Twitter: three pointers and the slasher | FactoryCity
/via /cc /by
Neue Twitter-Konventionen: "slashtags"
"All of these are simple conventions for adding more standard metadata to a post in a specific, uniform way."
Since it’s apparently all the rage to design your own features for Twitter now, I figured I’d build on my success with the hashtag and crank out a few more. All of these are simple conventions for adding more standard metadata to a post in a specific, uniform way.
Slashers and pointers. /via, /cc, /by. Good ideas /via @ChrisMessina.
Digg Founder Launches WeFollow, A User-Generated Twitter Directory
Digg Founder Kevin Rose has launched WeFollow, a User-Powered Twitter Directory that categorizes Twitter users by interests and industry.
A new user-generated Twitter directory by Kevin Rose
3 New Ways to Use Twitter at Live Events | Social Media Examiner
Twapper Keeper
3 usos de Twitter para cubrir eventos #medios #periodismo #periodistas #redessociales – Gerardo Albarrán (saladeprensa)
3 New Ways to Use Twitter at Live Events (via @smexaminer) #AmmanTT – Mohamad Khawaja (mkhawaja)
3 cool tools to help create socially mediated events
Giant Follow within Hastags search
type in a hashtag and it'll aggregate all from twitter
BlastFollow enables you to follow Twitter users who share your interests en masse