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4 Tools You Need To Predict The Death Of Your Hard Drive |

If there is one piece of equipment in your computer that you would predict to fail first, what would it be? Some might pick the power supply, some might pick
Free Disk Analyzer
Security: Properly Erase Your Physical Media
For class
erase files forever, nuke HD hard drive
6 Ways To Turn Your iPhone Into An External Hard Disk |
If you own an iPod, you will know that other than storing music, you can also use it as an external hard disk. You simply connect your iPod to your computer and you can easily transfer files over via drag and drop. When it comes to the iPhone however, Apple sells you a larger hard disk, gives you more functionality, yet does not allow you to use it as an external hard disk. Come to think of it, the iPhone is the gadget that you are more likely to carry with you wherever you go and it is the more likely candidate to become a portable hard disk, yet you can’t do anything to it. If you are interested in knowing how you can use your iPhone/iPod Touch as an external hard drive, here are some ways that you can get it done.
Lifehacker - Five Best Free Data Recovery Tools - Data Recovery
How to move an iTunes library to an external drive | The Download Blog -
moving itunes to external hard drive
If you're an iTunes user (download for Windows|Mac) whose appetite for music, movies, and podcasts is outstripping the capacity of your computer, it might be a good time to think about offloading that library to an external hard drive or a separate internal drive. If you do it right, the process is relatively simple, although the transfer time could take an hour or more, depending on the size of your media library. To walk you through it, here's a step-by-step video and slide show tutorial on how to move your iTunes library to an external hard drive.
Solaris + ZFS = The Perfect Home File/Media Server @ bitdroppings
ZFS /is/ the fure (solaris however is not part of th future) [from]
Lifehacker - Separate Your Data from Windows on a Standalone Partition - Windows
With Windows 7's release just around the corner, now's a great time to get your PC ready for the new operating system. First step: separate your data onto a dedicated partition.
Coding Horror: The State of Solid State Hard Drives
NewerTech® - Voyager Q “Quad Interface” FireWire® 800/400/USB 2.0/eSATA - SATA I/II Hard Drive Docking Solution
Recommended by James Andrewes.
FireWire 400/800 USB 2.0 eSATA dock for SATA I & II internal hard drives
Hard drive dock sata usb firewire 400 800
FireWire SATA dock from the same folks that make the miniStack.
Just insert any standard 2.5" or 3.5" SATA I/II hard drive with up to 2.0TB capacity into the compact docking base and select one of the four interfaces supported by your Mac® or PC for the fastest data transfer performance. Then, start reading and/or writing data to the docked hard drive. There’s nothing else to install or configure!
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Featured Download: Darik's Boot and Nuke is the Nuclear Option of Secure Data Shredding
Downloads: Free Disk Analyzer Finds the Largest Space-Wasting Files
Leave No Trace: How to Completely Erase Your Hard Drives, SSDs and Thumb Drives - Data wiping - Gizmodo
Data Permanent Eraser
"With stories abounding of identity theft aided by information lifted from discarded storage devices, you want devices you no longer plan to use to have no usable information when they head out the door. Here's how to wipe them clean."
Leave No Trace: How to Completely Erase Your Hard Drives, SSDs and Thumb Drives - Data wiping
How to Analyze, Clean Out, and Free Space on Your Hard Drive - Disk Space - Lifehacker
Hard Drive Data Recovery - Hard Drive Recovery Software - How to Fix a Hard Drive - Popular Mechanics
If the components in your drive are still functioning, you can recover the data yourself. If there's mechanical damage, send it to the pros. PM's complete guide to getting your files back.
How to Upgrade Your Tiny Hard Drive to a Spacious New One and Keep Your Data Intact - Hard Drives - Lifehacker
From Lifehacker
py of Windows already running for most of the free utilities to work; most laptops can only have one drive hooked up at a time. In this case, your best free option is the Linux-based Clonezilla Live CD, which streamlines the process of imaging your drive to an external drive or even a shared folder on another PC.
Top 10 Hard Drive Upgrades and Fixes - Hard Drives - Lifehacker
Upgrade Your Apple MacBook: Data Backup and Preservation.
Adding larger hard drive to Mac - instructions
My Mac hard disk got really fat and full, it was disgusting. This problem is happening to many people who have bought th...
Upgrade Your Apple MacBook: Data Backup and Preservation.
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SATA HDD Multi-Media Player Adapter
How to Take Full Advantage of Your Solid-State Drive
Solid-state drives (SSDs) have grown popular in recent years for the impressive speed increases your system gains using them. To get the most from your SSD, however, you can (and should) do a few things differently.