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bitquabit - The One in Which I Call Out Hacker News

No, you couldn't. Why programmers say this sort of thing, hilariously dissected.
Very interesting look at what`s really required to have a complete web app.
Good rant about how the little touches that make great things great are invisible to many engineers (and users). It's strange that he thinks that this blindness is peculiar to the open source community, though.
"Do you have five minutes? No. Why? Because I’m lying. It would take much longer than five minutes. That’s the eternal optimism of programmers."
Very good critique of the notion that a web app which at its core may just be an interface to a couple of database tables is a trivial thing that can be banged out in a few days. While it's possible to put up a basic front-end that quickly, all the extras that go on top of that to make a real, usable application take much, much longer. User interface matters.
why it's hard to clone a major s/w site (stackoverflow)
Nice article by Benjamin Pollack in the discussion about cloning Stack Overflow.
Tom Morris' wiki » Scala for Hackers
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Hacker Monthly
The Print Magazine of Hacker News
All being well, I should be an advertiser in the 2nd issue of Hacker Monthly: (an awesome new geek magazine) – Peter Çoopèr (peterc)