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Blueman Project - News

Blueman is a GTK+ Bluetooth manager
Administrador de dispositivos Bluetooth basado en GTK
GTK+ Bluetooth Manager
Parasite is a debugging and development tool that runs inside your GTK+ application's process. It can inspect your application, giving you detailed information on your UI, such as the hierarchy, X window IDs, widget properties, and more. You can modify properties on the fly in order to experiment with the look of your UI.
Something that looks like it will make GUI development 30% less painful.
Create Python GUIs using HTML HOWTO
This howto is about using HTML and associated web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, JSON, ...) to create a GUI for a standalone application in Python.
How to build a desktop WYSIWYG editor with WebKit and HTML 5 - Ars Technica
Very impressive. 200 LOC.
Simple tutorial about webkit/pygtk!